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Which Is the Best Way to Promote Jvzoo Digital Products, a Complimentary Social Media Platform or Blogging? Why?

Both methods are perfectly fine. Why settle for one when you can enjoy both worlds? Promoting JVZoo’s digital products, or any digital products through complimentary social media platforms and blogging is an effective way of getting your desired sales.

However, the “best” method depends on various factors like your target audience and how you can create a list from the target audience, your skills in content creation, and your marketing objectives. I currently earn continuous income selling other people’s products using the method I am about to describe to you.

I use a mix of both social media and blogging with most of the promotions going towards social media while the minority goes towards blogging. My methods are not conventional, so you should be prepared to do some work if you follow my method to earn consistent commissions.

I combine the power of List building, Facebook, Google News, Pinterest, LiveJournal, and Medium to promote my affiliate links.

Here are the Steps I use to Promote JVZOO for FREE

Step 1: Use the Bitly tool to shorten your affiliate link to reduce the chances of being marked as spam on social media websites.

Step 2: Use Renderforest tools to create product mockups of the digital products. You will post these mockups to the selected social media accounts.

Step 3: Create a Facebook pageFacebook group, and Facebook shop. Also, if you don’t already have an account with TikTok, Medium, LiveJournal, and Pinterest, create an account now. Make sure to change your TikTok and Pinterest account to business.

The purpose of these accounts that you create is to allow you to post blog content, screenshots of the digital product(s), product mockups, and review articles about the digital product(s).

You can learn how to create a Facebook page, group, and shop on the Facebook website.

Step 4: Go to Google News and find trending news in that niche or topic. Once you get the trending news, simply copy the whole article and paste it into an article rewriter of your choice. I use Synthesis. Your mission is to rewrite/curate the article while including our affiliate links.

Step 5: Get the rewritten article and insert the affiliate links that you created in Step 1 within the articles. Make sure to use some of the product images as well.

Step 6: Check the newly curated article for grammatical errors and make sure it shows proper reasoning and aligns with your product beliefs.

Post the rewritten article along with the product affiliate links to your Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook shop, Medium, LiveJournal, and your blog(s).

Step 7: Now, let’s make use of TikTok and Pinterest. You can use Renderforest or Canva to create images for the affiliate products and post them on your TikTok and Pinterest business accounts.

Step 8: Wait for a few days after you publish the article for the Google search engine to find and crawl the contents, then copy the link from Google, and paste the link on Bing Webmaster. Once your content and articles pick up traction and pull in valuable traffic, your sales will roll in accordingly.

Step 9: Rinse and repeat this process with another set of high-quality articles from Google News.


To decide which platform is best for you, consider the following:

  1. Where Your Audience Hangs Out: Different platforms attract different demographics.
  2. Type of Content: Some products are better showcased in video, while others may benefit from long-form articles or quick visual posts.
  3. Resources: Video content requires more resources, whereas platforms like Twitter or Instagram can be more DIY.
  4. Skill Set: Consider your own or your team’s skills in content creation, whether it’s video, long-form articles, or quick, catchy posts.

You can optimize your promotional efforts by aligning your choice of social media platform with your digital product, target audience, and resources.

Take Note

I particularly like to use Pinterest to promote all these digital products with the help of Canva.

Use this platform if you have long-term visibility plans because your pins can continue to drive traffic long after they are posted. I use a combination of tools to automate the pinning process.

  1. Visual Discovery: Great for visually appealing products and infographics.
  2. Female Audience: Predominantly used by females, which may be beneficial depending on your target audience.

Check the link in my bio for a step-by-step guide on how I use the above-mentioned steps.

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