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Knowing the kind of tools to use, and when to use them is vital to your marketing an online business campaign. The tools mentioned on this page can make your life easy.  Some of them will automate your task while some will simply support your existing work to create your desired output.  This page was created for my personal use until recently when I decided to allow public access to it.  You’ll increase your chances of creating a successful and sustainable Internet business with continuous passive income. Enjoy!


eCommerce Tools

I use specific eCommerce tools for specific jobs. Shopify seems to work well in all my online shops.  It comes with the SSL certificates, backend support, and it’s upon a reliable grid.

Shopify eCom Websites & Hosting

When it comes to creating high converting beautiful e-commerce Websites I use Shopify. I have some e-commerce sites that use Shopify as the platform. I especially like the way Shopify was built from scratch to provide one main function – make you money!

I am not condemning other e-commerce platforms out there, I am simply stating that since Shopify is easily indexed by the search engines because of the way it is designed, with an SSL certificate out of the box, super easy to set up, I’ll choose it any day anytime for my e-commerce sites.

Nothing is complicated and you could be selling your products online within and an hour.

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Keyword Research Tools

You need to know what your client want. The only way to get in front of people who need stuff is to do the keyword research.  Use the tools mentioned below to search and give your customers exactly what they need.

Wordtracker Long Tail Keywords Research

Creating a successful Internet home business is not an easy task. That is a fact.  It takes hard work and a whole lot of strategic planning. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something!

Wordtracker Long Tail has everything needed when it comes to keyword research. At the click of a button, you can generate tons of keywords. This is what I use to find profitable keywords that I make a commission from.  It is well worth it.

Building any solid business takes hard work and planning. Why should creating a successful business on the Internet be any different? Just because you’re dealing with computers and a worldwide marketplace doesn’t mean it will be easy to construct and build a successful enterprise. It will take some work and effort on your part.

That is the reason why you need a good Keyword research tool.  I have tried several Keyword research tools but I always come back to this Keyword tool.  Use this link to claim your FREE 30 days Trial Now!

Use this link to Claim your FREE 30 Days Trial Now!


Web Hosting

This is where your Website will be residing after you have designed and uploaded all your files, folders, and scripts for the world to see.  Without a Website host, your Website will not be seen by the whole world.

1and 1 Web Hosting Provider

I operate lots of Websites and I need a reliable Web Hosting company that will not pack up overnight. I presently make use of two Web hosting companies: 1and1 and Namecheap. I have been using for more than a decade. That’s more than ten (10) years and they have not, not even once disappointed me.

The only problem with this provider is that they throw so much Web tools at you, at once, such that you may become overwhelmed trying to learn how to use most of them if you don’t know what you’re doing. My first contract with them was around 2006. I believe that was when opened it’s U.S. office. It is a German-based company that expanded into America.

I moved away from some years after my first contract because Hostgator gave me a promo offer that was too good to ignore. I had to move my Websites back when I realized that not all that glitter is Gold! I am not saying that Hostgator is not reliable but it depends on your kind of resourced driven Websites.

If you write lots of articles like I do, and you need reliable hosting with array of free tools, cheapest domain names, free domain name with selected package(s), 99 cent domains, dedicated IP address, favicon generator, FREE SSL certificate with selected package(s), 1 dollar Web hosting, Linux and Windows hosting, Game server hosting and many more, that is constant, then you definitely need 1and1 Web Hosting.

Hostgator is for simple Websites, except of course if you upgrade to their Server contracts. If you are just starting out and you need a reliable and affordable Web Hosting company, then 1and1 is the way to go.


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Free Scripts For Everything You Need to Succeed Online –

Finding a sellable domain:



Bulk domain checker





Content Management Systems





Amazon Book Sale Geo Targeting

Create multi-region Kindle eBooks Links



Plugins for WordPress

15 point startup checklist

Getting Started with WordPress wp

WordPress support wp

First steps with WordPress wp wp

Look and feel wp wp wp

Site Memberships wp

Commerce wp

Analytics wp

or search WordPress: wp

SEO wp wp

Forums wp

Managing comments wp wp

Social networks wp wp

 Email integration wp

Search WordPress for email plugins wp wp


Results types

Google Advanced Search //

Google list of search operators

Guide to Google advanced search operators

Google Hacking for Penetration Testers



Stop words


I have been able to gather some very valuable tools used for Keyword and Niche Research, Content Creation, Free Ebooks PLR Contents to recycle and use on your website, Royalty Free Music, Idea Generators, Marketing And Traffic, Mobile, Paid Traffic, SEO, Software, Utilities, Video, Web 2.0/Social Media, Website Graphics, WordPress and many more.

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