Onaolapo Adeyemi

About The Next Internet Billionaire Club

Onaolapo Adeyemi (Lapo) is the founder of “TheNextInternetBillionaire.com,” author of the best-seller “Unlimited Ways to Make Money Online”, “How to Make Money Online Flipping Websites”, “Earning Without Boarder Limit”, and much more.

I personally invite you to join The Next Internet Billionaire newsletter and start increasing your online income.  Every member will learn more about how to make money online based entirely on real-world success, and up-to-the-minute plans that are being used right now.

Lapo base his online lifestyle on the five pillars of trust which are “Authority”, “Explanations”, “Simplicity”, “Follow-up”, and “Security.” You should try to avoid the so-called “Next big shiny thing syndrome”.  This occurs when you see an advertisement that promises heaven on earth, and another, and another until your head becomes saturated and you get confused.

Thanks for your time and see you on the inside.