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Free Website Traffic Resources – Discover where and how to get traffic online and offline to boost and promote your online venture.  As experienced e-marketers know, there are HUNDREDS of ways to promote your blog/ Web site.  If you act fast enough on the traffic sources mentioned on this page, you might beat your competitors to the affiliate marketing game.  With this kind of list, I seriously doubt if you don’t make a sale on anything you direct this traffic source towards.  We still use the listed traffic sources till date.  We would like to give respect and credit to Allan Gardyne, and Omar Martin for allowing us to use some of their contents.  I hereby give credit to those whom credit are due.,  and Allan Gardyne from, and of course our own very Website –  TheNextInternetBillionaire.Com.  You should check out their Web sites during your spare time.

Free Website Traffic to Promote Websites

  • ASEOPS 10 – A next generation SEO and traffic generation software.
  • Instagress for Instagram following and free traffic to your sites
  • – Paid software for traffic
  • Solo Ads
  • Banner Ads – Paid (BuyAndSellWebsites.Com)
  • Blog Traffic,
  • Article Traffic,
  • Video Traffic from,
  • Free Classifieds,
  • Safelists,
  • AdSwapping,
  • Solo Adds,
  • Forum Posting,
  • Email Traffic,
  • Social Bookmarking,
  • Social Networking like Facebook groups,
  • Free Classifieds like Craigslist,
  • Press Releases,
  • Traffic Fusion,
  • Offline Marketing and much more.

When the time permits, you will receive in-depth information on each of the traffic methods mentioned above.  I hope you have signed up for my newsletter.  Do so now if you have not signed up already to get updates on free traffic generations.

If you run a specific type of cost-per-action(CPA), cost-per-sale(CPS), Pay-per-lead(PPL) or any other type of laser targeted Web sites, then you should use an aggressive type of marketing.  This type of marketing is slightly different from the ones you already know.  When you are dealing with Pay-per-lead(PPL) kind of affiliate marketing you should promote offers that do not require credit cards because people are not comfortable releasing their credit cards to just anyone, especially in this age of constant internet fraud.

Try to produce volume leads because the money is in the numbers.  Try free sign-ups and free trials(plus s&h) most of the time.  Look for an offer that has a mass appeal …large/wide audience.  Now, let’s get back to what I was writing earlier, “The Action Plan”

The Action Plan:

Promote Your Promotions:

This list of criteria is not exhaustive but we consider them highly important, especially ‘Promote Your Promotions‘.  No matter what you do, you want to make sure you promote your promotions.  The key point is you want to ensure the search engines find each backlink you get and therefore you want to ensure you promote sites that link to you.  This can be easily done by bookmarking with services such as  For example, if you post an article to an article directory, once it is published you want to go back and promote that article because you want to make sure Google finds it and credits you with that back-link.

The Link Wheel

Known as a Link Network or Link Wheel, the image below shows how you set up an example link network. The structure is defined in this way:




  1. Blog/ Website: This is your blog or Web site that you will be promoting
  2. RSS Directory: These are sites that allow you to submit your blog’s/ Website RSS feed and use the RSS feed data to create backlinks to your blog. Many of these services updates automatically whenever your blogs RSS feed updates, helping to auto promote any new content. This strategy is not nearly as effective as it once was but is still very good for getting some links and helping to ensure the search engines find your new content.  Go here to learn how to create a Website RSS feed if you don’t have a blog.
  3. Blog Network: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Blog networks allow you to submit articles to a wide variety of blogs that will give you powerful in-content links. This is my number one recommended link building strategy and constantly gets me fantastic results. If you are not already a member, sign up and test one of the Blog networks.
  4. Podcast Directory: By using a couple of recommended free services that allow you to auto-create podcasts from your blog’s RSS feed, you can submit them to a few different podcast directories for some easy backlinks that Google seems to love.
  5. Video Directory: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Create short videos and submit them to the top video directories. Combined with other link building strategies, video submission is extremely effective for helping increase your blog’s authority and reach.
  6. Press Release: Announce your new blog and other news stories that get published on high authority sites. Great for link building and increasing the authority of your site.
  7. Article Directory: Although not nearly as powerful as it once was, creating articles and submitting them to a variety of different article directories is still an effective link building strategy.
  8. Ping: In the context of “Blog Content Buddy” training, “Ping” means to use a variety of free and very simple to use services to promote your promotions.

Obviously, this is not an extensive traffic system and there are many other strategies that can be implemented here. This strategy is simply a starting point for you to help you get off on the right foot and start getting traffic to your blog.

Link Building

Search engines love authority links relative to your content.  This is the best way to boost your online business and get great rankings of your Web site.  Boosting your business will boost your money.  As with any business, you need to plan for long-term investment.  Your authority links are your long-term investment.  These links will boost your product page continuously if done well.

There are several advantages to building Web sites with great links.  It guarantees you a successful long-term online internet business.  Check out this simple link building tool that will help you ensure all your promotional efforts are as effective as possible.  It is almost hands-free and on auto-pilot.  Click here to find out more.



Free Website Traffic From Advertising Web Sites

Don’t get overwhelmed by this list.  Take it one day at a time.  Think about it as your assignment in school and you have the whole month to get it done.  The only difference between school and now is that your earnings depend on the number of hours that you put into working on this Web site.

* Submission Tools and Software

* FFA sites etc

* Search engines

Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Report

One click submits your site to the 8 top search engines

* Directories

* Reciprocal links

Zebulon Exchange of links

* Web rings – advice

* Message boards – Join in discussions

270,000 Web Forum Discussions

* Message boards – setting up your own
Discus – the one used by

* Guestbooks

FREE guest books

* Awards

Earning awards for your Website at

* Press Releases

How to Get the Press on Your Side by Shel Horowitz

* Banners
See which ones work best
Get a good one made

* Banner Exchanges

* Ezine Advertising

Huge list of places which list newsletters

What Ezines should I advertise in?

* Get listed on What’s Hot and What’s Cool sites

* What’s new sites

* URL plates

* Word of mouth – Priceless 🙂

* Business cards

15 ways to use your business cards as a marketing tool

* Posters

* Email

Email help for the newcomer

* Chat rooms


Liszt’s IRC Chat Directory


The ICQ E-mail Directory

* Newspaper articles

Write this article by Gary Lockwood
Write killer news releases

* Magazine articles
thousands of magazines, hundreds of newspapers

* Online articles

Provide articles for webmasters and ezine publishers

E-mail help for the newcomer

* Ezine articles

* Newspaper adverts

* TV adverts

* Radio adverts

* Radio talk shows

* Magazine adverts

* Email signatures

How to design a .sig file

* FREE classified ads

* Your own classified ad page

* Ezine ad swaps

* Publish your own newsletter and promote it

* Pay for newsletter subscribers

* Opt-in email announcements

* Give away products at other sites

* Start your own revenue sharing program

How to start an affiliate program

* Run a seminar

* Send postcards

* Distribute Car Stickers, Magnets etc

* Newsgroups


The best ones for free ads –
Marketing on newsgroups –

* Join A Mall

The truth about Internet malls

* Offer Digital Postcards

* Recommend-It
Jim Rhodes’ free referral script –

* Capitalize on News Events

* Help Visitors Return

* Create A Community

* Work With Charities

* Join discussion lists

* Networking

Tips from the queen of networking

* Give a speech

Make a speech and live to tell about it

* Bumper sticker on your car

* Jewelry with your website logo on it

* Cap or T-shirt With Your Website On It

* Public relations

Tips for press release writing and effective media relations –

Learn from the experts

Public Relations Online Resources and Organizations

* Run Sweepstakes

* Hold contests

* Create a media kit and post it here

* Add interactivity to encourage repeat visitors

Add chat, message boards, surveys, guest books, games, postcards, search engines, auctions etc.

* Make friends – and they will publicize your site.

Good news spreads like wildfire

* Joint Ventures

The most powerful marketing concept on earth

* Powwow – Brainstorm, Mind Map, Think up Brilliant New Ideas.

Here are some offbeat offline ones.


Blogger – Offers free blogs


Classifieds – Post Ads to get people to your site

Cyber Hub – Order custom articles

Click here for the ISFN Powerlist directory.

Traffic Zap – Resource list for traffic sources.

Traffic Sage – Outsource your traffic generation

Submit Your Article – Submit articles to hundreds of ezines


Ezine Articles – Popular article directory

WordPress – Offers free blogs


YouTube – Create a YouTube channel

Viddler – Video directory

Google Video – Video directory

S3 Secrets – Learn to use Amazon S3 to serve your videos

Instant Buzz – Traffic toolbar

List Dot Com – Email over 5000 people every 48 hours


Submit your site to free website review sites like


***Warning/Word Of Advice ***

I strongly advise you to visit the Federal Trade Commission Website to follow the ethics of advertising.  It could save your neck from legal trouble.


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