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Affiliate Terms

Affiliate Guidelines

As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to bookmark this page and refer back to it often, as the terms may change at any time. We appreciate our affiliates very much and recognize the role they play in our success as a company. With that being said, we’ve also learned over the years that an unregulated affiliate program can cost the company a great amount of money, in turn hurting our legitimate affiliates. We (TheNextInternetBillionaire.com) reserve the right to void the affiliate commissions of any affiliate who promotes any TheNextInternetBillionaire product or service in a way that we believe breaks the terms set herein. By sending traffic to any affiliate link for any of our products or services, you signify that you agree to the guidelines set forth on this page:

1. Ordering Through Your Own Affiliate Link

You may not order any of our products or services through your own affiliate link or the affiliate link of a family member. If you do, all commissions are void and your affiliate access to our program may be terminated.

2. Discount Offers

From time to time we may offer specific affiliate only discounts. If you have a substantial following please feel free to contact us to see if we can offer your subscribers a unique discount code. If you’re able to generate an attendee audience of at least 200 people, we may also be able to run private webinars for you on most of our products.

3. Minimum Payout

In order to help mitigate commission fraud, and simply for clean accounting, we implement a $100 minimum payout requirement on commissions. Once you have generated $100 or more in commissions, you will receive payment on the next payout date (which is at least once a month). If you do not reach this threshold, your commission is held and will not expire. If at any time you generate more commission to bring your balance above $100, you will receive the full amount.

4. Mirror Sites

You may not create a website that looks in any way to be the official product page of any of our products or services. When visitors arrive at your site, it must be clear that they are NOT landing on the official product site.

5. Domain Names

The use of exact match domains for our products is prohibited. For example, the official domain for TNIB is TNIB.net. You may not use TNIB.org (or any other TLD) to promote TNIB.

6. Copied Content

You may not copy the content, including images from any of our websites, with the exceptions of reasonable snippets (IE. product features, call to action, or headline), product logos, or product graphics – (IE software cover). If you use a product logo or product graphic it must be reasonable usage as a visual representation of the product. The usage must be obviously and clearly used in that way, and in no way used to create the appearance that your site/page is the/an official site/page of our company.

We will be making authorized content available to approved affiliates, including email swipes, promotional videos, banners, and other materials to help you succeed in generating maximum commissions. If you have a specific request we will be happy to consider it, although we cannot guarantee all requests can be fulfilled.

7. Authorized Commissions

Authorized commissions are those generated by the direct promotion of a product within these terms. Any commission generated indirectly (unless specifically stated), or generated in a way to breaks these terms, is void. For example, Bob A. Affiliate promotes TNIB, and Jan A. Customer purchases it. Six months later, as a result of our marketing, we convince Jan A. Customer to purchase TNIB. Bob A. Affiliate does not qualify for the commission on the sale of TNIB, but he does qualify for the commission on TNIB.