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Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

People do not like to buy from strangers. The Internet is a big, impersonal, and even frightening place to many consumers. They want to feel like they know and trust the people from whom they buy products and services. The time, effort, and energy that you put into becoming visible and credible is the best effort and energy investment that you will ever make. Reputation is everything in the world of Internet marketing. Credibility makes you unique.

Another very important thing that you can do to ensure that your customers buy a product or service for which you are an affiliate marketer and not from one of your competitors is to give them a very good and compelling reason to purchase from you. Offer something extra or a lot of different extras that will enhance the value of the product that you are marketing.  No matter what the niche or what the product is that is being marketed, there are free gifts that you can find that will make the product a better value if it is purchased from you.

For example, if you are marketing an E-Book about Internet marketing, you could add several additional free E-Books concerning different aspects of the broad subject of Internet marketing.  E-Books can be downloaded from PLR sites or even from E-Book banks and repositories. Another gift that people can’t ever seem to get enough of is free utilities. There are many on the Internet, and you can bet that there are some that will fit right in with whatever product or service that you are promoting.  While other marketers who are selling the very same product are simply sending out marketing emails that recommend the product to their lists, you will be adding value to the product and doing it for free to boot.


Even better than extras and gifts is additional help to use the product or service that is being sold. You can offer a free teleseminar for those who buy the product or service from you that will make the product or service better or easier to use.

You can most likely even get the producer or the product or service to speak at your event if you plan far enough ahead. People love teleseminars… and they love free…when you add teleseminar and free together, you will have a winning play that might just score the proverbial touchdown for you.

Offer Your Prospects Bonus Incentives

What usually happens when an affiliate marketer goes to Clickbank or Commission Junction and signs up as an affiliate marketer for a particular product or service that is relative to his affiliate marketing business topic?   The first thing he usually does is place a logo for the product on his website and send out a marketing email to his list advocating the value of whatever the product or service happens to be. If this average affiliate marketer has any zip at all, he will make his sales letter as good as he can make it.

It will address each member of his list by name, and there will be bullet points listing the advantages provided with ownership of the product or service. Then he will sit back, cross his fingers and toes, and hope to make a few sales. Well, that IS a plan, but it isn’t a very good one.  If this average affiliate marketer happens to get lucky and be included in the launch of a new product, he does pretty much the same thing. He notifies his list of the upcoming launch (the average affiliate marketer usually only sends one preparatory email), and then he sends out the marketing email at the launch.

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