Plugins to Help You Make Money from Your Blog

WP Plugins to Help You Make Money from Your Blog

This page is all about money making plugins, not money making programs.  I am talking about money making WordPress plugins that will help your online making money portfolio grow.  There are different kinds of reasons why people blog, or write or make, or create Web sites, Web blogs, Web wiki, Web this.. and Web that.  The writer of this article personally wrote this blog you are reading because he wants to make money from it.  Simple!  I can guarantee you will see your life heading in a direction if you think like an entrepreneur (Hopefully the right direction).

To make money from your blog or a Web site, you need the right tool, and at the right time.  Below are the list of some very important WordPress plugins that you can use on your blog.  I want you to realize that this is not an exhaustive list, so make sure you bookmark this Web page for future updates.  Sign up for my weekly information and marketing technology tools to keep you posted when the page is updated.

I put up this small write up because each month I receive hundreds of emails from people just like you that are struggling to earn money online after putting several hours onto their Web site, and have not made even a $100 dollars online yet.  Most people online are so blinded by the “next shiny thing syndrome” such that they fail to see or realize the real potential on the internet.

In order to make money from you blog, you need to work on your retention rate.  If the retention rate on you blog increases, you will definitely get more clicks and more money through relevant advertising.  It’s all about the content you have on your Web site.  If your Web site information sucks, your revenue will suck big time.  The plugins mentioned below are all free, and grouped into advertising and affiliate marketing.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s review each of the recommended plugins..

AWPCP Classifieds

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin has been downloaded over 200,000 times on the WordPress plug database, according to the WordPress.org/plugins.  What I notice from these plugin is the fact that it keeps browsers on my Web site more than usual, and if your Web site can get a high retention rate, your Web site generated clicks will be more valuable.

High retention rate attracts great advertisers, and as such you get paid more.  I specifically put this monetization plugin as first, because it give you total control of how much you want to make on your Web site.  This classified plugin have lots of features and multiple money making opportunities.  You can set the advertising space you sell to your clients for free as well as offer upgrades.

It is a light program, yet very robust and can actually change someones life for better, if used properly. Although the plugin is free, but I advice you to purchase the premium model and go full blast with your blog monetization.  Marketers need traffic, and classified is usually the way to go if you need laser targeted traffic as a marketer.  The developer of this particular plugin also have the business directory version of the classifieds.  You can get it here.

Go now and AWPCP Classifieds free!

Google AdSense Plugin – Contextual Advertising

Yes, I know most of you must have been tired and bored of reading about Google AdSense, you want an alternative.  I get it!  The only problem is; Google AdSense pays way more than any other advertising network out there; at least as at the time of this writing.  This plug was not, and still not designed by Google, it is own by BestWebSoft.  The main function of this plugin is to simplify your life by simply assisting you in adding your code blocks to relevant spots on your blog.

This Google AdSense Plugin allows you to set certain limit or boundary that defines the scope of the ads displaying, such as the format, size, color of the elements in the ad block, as well as the ad block position on your blog.  A screen shot of this plugin is shown on the right.  Remember; to get a good click through rate, you need to have sticky content.  Google AdSense is all about relevant contents.

The plugin can be found here.

Ad Rotator – Sale of Advertising Space

This is my number one money making plugin.  It is my pick of the chart of money making plugins because it cost nothing but pays something.  This tool is particularly useful if you have an existing blog that has enough traffic.  Enough traffic means steady 500 – 1000 and increasing.  It is really profitable if you have  engaging traffic on your Web site.

It is easy to install, just like every other plugins in the WordPress library.  Install with one click and configure.  The configuration is as simple as just activating the plugin, drag the widget to the side bar, and paste your existing code into the box.  You can insert as many codes from different promotions as you desire. Simply use “<!–more–>” to separate each block of codes. Each time your site is refreshed the ad will change to a different advert.

I underlined the existing code because you need to sign up with an advertising agency like shareable, cj.com, many more AdSense alternatives.

I use this plugin to charge companies and individuals who want to buy a certain spot of my blog for a flat fee instead of putting my affiliate links from other agencies.  For someone who is still starting off the basis, it is a great thing to start from affiliate codes and work your way up to be an expert.  You can charge for ads in whatever method you like. Some people charge more for a static placement than a rotating one but they claim it works best for them.  Do whatever works best for you. The best thing about this plugin in the flexibility it offers you.  I love it!  Go now and grab it.

Chitika – Web Traffic Monetization

You cannot compare this network to AdSense in any way because AdSense pay more, but in the absence of AdSense, this would be my next pick.

The Chitika network simply complements any other monetization model you have on your Blog.  In this writers opinion, it works better if you have the traffic and not just some few clicks.  You need aggressive laser targeted traffic to get the best cash squeezed out of the Chitika network.  All advertisers need good return on their advertising investment, so your job is to give the advertisers on the Chitika network your laser targeted traffic in return for their cash.

If you set your blog or Web site keyword properly, you might get away with some few bucks.  Go now and sign up.  It’s free.


Kontera – Content and keyword  Monetization

If you want to monetize your content; this is the best way to go.  The Ad Rotator handles the side bar while Kontera plugin handles the monetization of your content.  Kontera places contextual ads within the text of a page.  Register for a Kontera account, get your publisher ID,  enter it in the plugin setup, choose the color of your choice for the links that will appear on your Web site or blog, and simply add the generated code onto all the pages that you wish for the links to appear.  That’s it!

Wait about 24 hours for your first set of adverts to appear on your content.  Sometimes it takes less than 24 hours for the system to start serving your ads.  The great thing about this plugin is the fact that it can work on multiple platforms.  Most people use PayPal for the collection of their advertising checks.

Yet Another Amazon WordPress Plugin Lite

The name says it all.  It’s yet another amazing Amazon WordPress plug in that monetizes what ever product you insert in your blog by using your Amazon associate generated code.  If you love affiliate marketing, then you’ll love this plugin.  As an affiliate marketer, this invaluable tool will help you earn money from your Web site by adding affiliate links to your unique content.  From the writers experience, this plugin gets more sales if your content is engaging and unique enough to create a solution to someones problem.

As an example, you are reading this article this far down because you need to monetize your Web site.  All I have to do now is lead you to where you will get the solution to your problem.  When I lead you by hand and show you how to get your problem solved, I will make a sale.  That’s what the Amazon associate plugin is all about, and that’s how you can best harness the power behind it.

The consideration:

And oh ..did I forget to mention that you need a language translator to really understand some functions? The plugin instructions are written in German but you can always translate the pages, and it makes you money for all it’s worth.  Go now and check it out!



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