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The topics covered are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Home Improvement
  • Internet Marketing
  • Travel
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fitness
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Blogging


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Why You Should Let ME Help YOU?


Hi, my name is Onaolapo Adeyemi and I earn my living making money online.  At least, enough to make me feel comfortable.

I want to help you run a profitable business online.  It wasn’t always that way. In fact, in 1998 I was so broke that I couldn’t afford to bring lunch to work. I would eat the peanut butter packets and drink the orange juice that the cafeteria at my job let me have for free.

Man, how things have changed!

But how did I go from barely scraping by to making monthly sales?


It wasn’t easy. From 1999 until 2004 I tried everything! I bought courses from so-called Internet Marketing “gurus” and I built web sites in every possible niche. I tried all kinds of schemes and tricks to drive traffic to my sites to earn me some money.  And I did earn a little bit of money. But it wasn’t until 2004 that I started to discover the formula for running a TRULY successful business online.

Are you like I was?
Do you have trouble paying the bills?
Do you have to scrape just to get by?

Even if you have a decent job, do you have to work long, difficult hours for some boss who doesn’t care whether you’re fired tomorrow or not?

If you have a great job, does it give you the freedom to travel when you want? To spend time with your family when you want?

Is that the kind of freedom you want?

I know it is. We all want that.

But in order to have those things, you need to understand the formula for running a successful online business.

It’s not some “secret” formula that some Marketing “guru” possesses and will gladly sell you for thousands of dollars. No, no, don’t buy that stuff.

The formula is simple. In fact, I’ll tell it to you right now:

  1. Find a problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Find (or create) a solution to that problem.
  3. Offer the solution to the people with the problem.

Yes, it’s simple: but it’s not easy!

I hit a lot of road blocks in my search for the right way to execute all three steps of that formula.

It took years of trial and error to get it right!

It took a lot of reading and studying and trying and failing and anxiety and misery and sleepless nights and anger and frustration. But finally, finally, I figured out what I needed to do — and I did it.

Are you trying to succeed online but it’s just not working?

Maybe you’re making a little bit of money, but not nearly enough to quit your job?

Do you hate your job?

God, I hated my job! It was such a relief to get out from under that burden.


I Believe In YOU!

I know you’re trying, and you’re trying hard. You don’t lack the motivation, or you wouldn’t be watching this.

You’re not afraid of hard work — you’ve been working hard at this for along time.

You don’t need another “Guru” to sell you some overpriced “method” or “secret formula”.

What you need is the helping hand of someone who has learned the hard way what it takes to succeed.

What you need is somebody to walk you through each step in the process of creating a successful business online.

What you need is somebody to ask questions to when you don’t understand something or run up against a roadblock that you just can’t seem to get by on your own.

What you need is me!

I sent out an email to my list some time go, offering to give anyone who wanted to email me some free advice. Ask me your questions, I said, and I’ll do my best to help you.

I was amazed at the hundreds of responses I got, and at how much they all sounded the same!

They wanted to succeed. They were willing to work. They weren’t lazy. They weren’t stupid. They just needed some guidance, some help, someone to ask questions to.

And they didn’t have a lot of money to spend on that help.


My Training Is AFFORDABLE!

Seriously! If you had thousands of dollars to spend on these gurus’ “secret formulas”, you wouldn’t need their help!

That is why I created LearnFromJon.com. I want to help people to succeed, just like I have been able to succeed.

I want you to have the freedom of time and movement that I have.

I want you to be free of the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.

I want you to spend weeks in Paris or London or Rome or Hawaii or wherever it is you would rather be — seeing the sights in the daytime, and checking on your business at night.

If that’s what you want — and I know it is — then sign up as a member of TheNextInternetBillionaire.Com.

I Will Show You Every Step Of The Way

It’s super affordable, and it will give you access to our members area where me and my senior staff will teach you every step you need to take to reach your success.

And when you don’t understand something about what we teach you, you can ask me and my very experienced senior staff.

You can ask questions on the forum so that everyone can benefit from the answers, or if it’s something you need to discuss privately with us, you can email us.

This is true one-on-one, hand-holding support and training.

Your success still depends on what you do, but it starts with knowing whatto do, and how to do it.

It starts with joining us by clicking the order button below.

I hope to see you inside.


Questions? Comments? Need Support?