Adsense: 3 Types of Websites That Have Quality Adsense Revenue

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The first step to start with Google AdSense is understanding its policies.  Before you implement your first ad unit, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Google program policies to ensure long-term revenue growth and a healthy account.

AdSense is a contextual advertising program where publishers simply add a piece of code to their blogs that helps Google analyze what your page is about so they can serve ads on that topic. This increases the chances of your readers clicking the ad which increases the chances that you’ll earn something from them.

AdSense also provides a variety of other income streams to bloggers including a site search tool (you make money by people searching your site) and referral tools (where you can make money by recommending Google products).

That being said, to successfully make money online with AdSense, you need to have or
operate one or three of these sites mentioned below. 

1. A blog site
Blogs are sites where you and others (whose material you will also be accountable for in terms of AdSense standards) will add new content on a regular basis, as opposed to sites where there are a few pages with content that rarely changes. The frequency of some blogs might range from hourly to monthly.

This is determined by a number of factors, including the number of contributors and the amount of time available for content approval and publication by the owners and editors.

Google AdSense is used by popular sites like DailyDot.com to monetize its visitors, who generate between five and ten million impressions a month, according to Google Display Planner. They use Google AdSense banners in a variety of places on their site, including the header, the bottom of blog entries, and the space between top article listings in each category.

2. A forum site
A forum is the next best sort of site to produce AdSense revenue if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of developing your own content or managing content contributors. People gather in forums to discuss specific topics. For example, catforum.com is a website dedicated to cat lovers all over the world and is sponsored by Google AdSense.

With over one million posts and over 49,000 members, this is a very busy forum. Non-paying members of the site will see Google AdSense adverts when they log in and in discussions.

When it comes to forums, you’ll need to start by creating content, but instead of long blog posts, you’ll need to start by creating debates and finding people to join in. Over time, more individuals will get interested in the topic of discussion, and your visitors will begin to click on adverts linked to that issue. Just keep in mind that there are specific AdSense regulations for user-generated material.

3. A free online tool site
Creating a site with a free online tool is another approach to earn AdSense revenue for developers or those with the budget to employ developers. Free online tools can grow in popularity quickly, especially if you can locate the correct target audience to use them and have them spread the word to their friends and family.

Take, for example, GIFmaker.me. This site offers a free online tool for creating GIFs, which are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. The site visitor is displayed many Google AdSense adverts at the top of the page and in the sidebars when making a free GIF.
If your free online tool site ranks #1 for your target term, your AdSense earnings may make your investment in producing a free online tool worthwhile.

The three keys to properly monetizing your website, regardless of which sort of site you utilize for Google AdSense, are as follows. To begin, make sure that the topic you chose for your blog, forum, or free online tool is one that people will be interested in and, as a result, will be searched for.

To see if a topic you’re thinking about is popular among Google search users, utilize Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner tool. According to SimilarWeb, gif maker receives an average of 110,000 monthly searches, resulting in over one million monthly visitors. As suggested by Google Webmaster Guidelines under the part titled Help Google understand your pages, you’ll want to make sure the term is used in relevant places on your site.

Also, you must offer something beneficial for the people that visit your website. Granted, you want people to click on your advertising in order for you to make money.

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