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The Course Modules are:

  • Module 1 – Course Overview.
    An overview of all the course modules and lessons.
  • Module 2 – Business Models
    An Overview of the different kinds of business models and the best fit for you.
  • Module 3 – The Info-Products Business.
    A thorough look at the Info-Product business model: what the info-products business is, how & why the business model works.
  • Module 4 – The Information Products.
    How to brainstorm and generate great info-product ideas, how to validate the ideas to insure they’ll sell before developing them, and how to produce the actual info-products – without having to be a subject matter expert, even without doing any writing!
  • Module 5 – Sales & Marketing.
    Easy, effective, and proven no-cost methods to get your info-products in front of the people who want them: how to generate traffic, and rack up sales!
  • Module 6 – Going Further.
    How to grow & scale your business through affiliates, advanced strategies & tactics, and automation!
  • Module 7 – Case Studies.
    Actual real-world current case studies, deconstructed and explained so you can copy them!
  • Module 8 – Tech.
    How-To’s and tutorials to show you how to do everything you’ll need or want to do!
  • Module 9 – Resources.
    Access a huge and growing compilation of content sources, apps, examples, and more!

It’s all here, everything you need: extensive lessons and step-by-step instruction, ongoing live training, and direct support for your efforts.

Keep one thing in mind: you can’t succeed if you don’t act. We can – and will – give you the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, but you have to make the effort.

This is a real business, based on a thoroughly tested & proven business model.

..more courses are being loaded weekly. Continue to check on us.

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