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How to Make Money Online

by Onaolapo Gbogboade Adeyemi



How to Make Money Online (From Anywhere in the World)

Welcome to TheNextInternetBillionaire.com Web site.  I congratulate you.  A quick word before you get started.  This Web site is all about how to make money online.  So, if you landed on this Web site because you searched for the keyword “how to make money online” or “how to generate unlimited income online” or any keyword that contains making money online; you are definitely on the right Web site.  On the other hand, if your search request has nothing to do with money making opportunities or how to make extra cash online, kindly notify the Webmaster so as to make necessary changes to the search queries and keywords on this Web site to better suit your online experience.

The Story

Starting a new part-time or full time online business from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world is not a stroll in the park as writers all over the internet portrayed it to be.  Why? Because I have been there.  See the points mentioned below for further clarification.

  • Online business is NOT for everyone, especially people with covetous nature.
  • Online business is NOT for people who wants quick money
  • Online business takes time and money.
  • Online business can make or break you
  • Ask yourself if it is worth your time and money; if you have enough to spread around.

To make money online, you have to invest something, either your time or your money.  Zero investment yields zero return on investment.  In the case of online business, you will invest both time and money.  People tend to think they can make money online without investing anything.  Don’t be  fake, be real!  Nothing goes for nothing.  Something has to give.  If making money on the internet was that simple, everyone would be busy mining the digital gold rather wasting time doing other things in order to earn a living.

On this Web site, you will be shown why and how you should be working online and from home.  Although working from home is not for everybody, it’s still worth the try.  When I talk about making money on the internet, I am referring to making enough money to sustain your monthly expenses, including but not limited to taking care of your family (if you have one), taking care of yourself, saving some towards your social security as well as enough for your retirement days and many more reasons.

Making money online business is becoming very popular and expanding rapidly throughout the whole world.  It is going to create some of the best jobs in the universe, if not create all of the best jobs in the world.  It has come to stay, so get your mind prepared and ready to embrace the change.

Brief Overview of How to Make Money Online

There are several ways to make money online.  Most people are used to making money through their own Web sites, while some are masters in making money without a Web site.  Most of the methods describe on this Web site requires you to have a Web site that you will monetize.

Making money online with a Web site does not only require very little initial investment, but depending on what you want to focus upon, it can be an extremely profitable venture as well.  You can make money online through various ways; ranging from affiliate marketing to blogging to actually selling your own products or even just running advertising on your site.  Beginners with little to no experience can make money online with or without a website if they just follow few and simple guidelines.  The guidelines are so simple that you can miss the steps involved if proper care is not taken.  Building the biggest and the highest structure in the whole world started from a simple plan – the blueprint.  If you have the opportunity of having the road map to earning a living online working for yourself, then you should be able to live the kind of life that you always dreamed about.

You can either:

  1. Sell products online (Physical products, informational products, and virtual products), with or without a Web site.  This type of making money online allows you to sell a product you created by yourself -physical or virtual, a product you bought from other people with resale rights with the intention of reselling it online, a product to which you are an affiliate, so as to get a commission when someone purchases the product through your recommendation link, as well as selling virtual product as a service (Ghost workers).  You can sell items online using different selling platforms like Amazon.com and Ebay.com.  You can buy yard sale or thrift store items and resell for profit on eBay or Craigslist. Find stuff around your house to sell.  You can sell craft items at at any online craft store, like Etsy and many other craft sites. Domain name sales also fall into this type of how to make money online.  Remember that you can sell with or without a Web site.
  2. Sell advertising, either directly by advertising on your site using free and open source software like OpenX, or through several advertising networks like Google AdSense, or by building potential customer database list to solicit for future advertising sales.  This way of making money online falls under Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate advertising can also be a great way of making money online if done properly through your Website. How to make money online blogging comes under this category.  Advertising services, affiliate programs, as well as affiliate recruitment programs all fall into the Affiliate marketing category.
  3. Sell protected contents.  You can write articles and submit to websites, like Associated Contents to be sold.  This is a business model used mostly by the news agencies.  You must something worthwhile to sell to make ends meet with this kind of business model.  You must be able to prove to buyers why they should dump the old guys in the business and subscribe to what you have to write about.  It’s tough but doable.
  4. Sell membership through your own Web sites.  This business model is mostly popular in the marketing niche, or professional profession and the porn industry.  Some of the very great affiliate membership Websites are SiteSell and Affilorama.  You can hardly find any adult Web site that does not require membership.  Don’t ask me how I know :)
  5. Sell your skill.  You can make money online through virtual worker programs.  Web sites  like Fiverr, Fiverr-Gigg, Elance, oDesk, and many more.  You can offer to tutor students online.  Email marketing, data analysis, lead generation, market research, website design services and Web site analytics all fall into this particular “sell your skill” category.  You will most likely not find a true online data entry job. What you will find are jobs that utilize your data entry skills along with other skills.  Jobs like home customer care representative, transcription, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger, telemarketing from home, mystery shopping, virtual assistant, and freelance projects are the most prevalent, and mostly require skills and previous work knowledge.  Sites like ReferEarns, Zyoin, Who Do You Know For Dough?, and WiseStepp connect employers with prospective employees, many of whom are already employed and not actively job-hunting, via networking through the people who already know these qualified candidates in person.  The writer of Six Figure Outsourcing Secrets explained it all in the book.
  6. Sell Web sites.  Creating and selling Web sites online is an inexpensive way of getting into a profitable online venture.  Remember that we are still under sales of products to make money online.  Either physical or virtual, goods or skill.  The author of How to Create A Web site and Sell it on Flippa For Profit explained how to do just this.

You will only make GOOD amounts of money online if you have GOOD amount of money to start with.  To earn income from any business, either home, office or virtual, you need to treat it as a business.  If you invest nothing, you’ll get nothing.  It’s as simple as that.  Try not to go for all the shinny stuffs and remove you mind from any “Get rich quick” program, or anything that promises wealth with a load of hype to lure you in. I.e , big house, nice car, holiday on beach, and don’t forget the “Thank you so much you’ve changed my life” messages by supposed customers of the company.  The internet is as cunning as the real world.  Tread carefully in the cyber world.  You could get burned easily.  Check out some of the do’s and don’t directly from the government Web site.  Avoiding Internet Scams

The most common way of making money online is through affiliate marketing.  Most people are making their money online through affiliate marketing, which happens to be the most popular.  Affiliate marketing is way more than just getting links from an approved seller sales page, and slapping it all over the internet without any solid plan of action.  It gets you banned and blacklisted from the search engines without any questions asked.  A step by step guide to making money online through affiliate marketing can be found on the affiliate marketing page.  Click here to read about it.

In a Hurry to Get Started?

If you are so much in a hurry to get started, head over to my resources section, select a CPA or affiliate network, register and start promoting through PPC.  Go now and check it out.

Most people who claim to teach people how to make money online have not even made a dollar themselves not to talk of teaching you how to made a dime.  Teaching you how to make money  is part of their plan rid their readers of their hard earned money.  Although I have had the opportunity to work with some genuine self made internet millionaires who made their money online and decided to share some of their secrets with me.  The funny thing about these guys are; they never make noise about their wealth.  Most of them are still doing their day jobs and acting like nothing special has happened in their lives.  They are so silent mining the cash flow such that you could hardly notice their worth.

To make money online and fast, you need to have several things in place.  It is way more than just getting links together and promote with the hope of earning repeated or continuous passive income.  Making money online requires proper planning and adequate execution of your plan.  I have read about several self-made billionaires, and found out they all have something in common… persistence and dedication.  I borrowed this ideology and applied it to my life.  You can learn a lot about this ideology and many more in my free reports about self made millionaires and why you should copy what they did.  Why do you want to re-invent the wheel when you can easily leverage the use of the existing wheel.  Sign up for my newsletter to the right of this page learn more about how to copy millionaires and duplicate what they did to make such money.  I only release newsletters once in every two weeks.

The Action

Now enough of the history of how to make money online.  Let’s get into the action part and start bringing in the money.  Please note that what I am about to describe to you on this Web site is not a get rich quick trick, or black hat, or red hat system, or any other kind of hat and get rich quick system.  Except you win the lottery, it is somehow hard to get rich quick.  To make money online, you have to work like every other worker who wants to earn a living and support his/her family.  The only difference between you and the ones that work outside that you are going to be working from home, or from wherever rocks your boat, as much as you have the internet, your computer and a couple of tools to work with.  You will have the comfort of working without someone standing over your shoulder to get the job done.  You will get to choose what kind of work you want to do, and by what time who want to do the work.  You’ll still pay taxes like everyone else.  You’ll log-in and log-out onto your computer like everyone else in the universe, but with pleasure and comfort.

As I mentioned on this page earlier; their are different ways to make money online and through different business models.  The business model I am about to describe for you here is what is called the “Sales Revenue Business Model“.  This is the kind of business model used by many online and offline companies to generate unstoppable income for their respective companies.  The whole process revolves around building a Web site, including quality content as well as affiliate links, getting free laser targeted traffic, and monetizing the Web site.  Simple!  You will be selling both physical and virtual products.

The Tools and Steps Involved

To get you started, let me introduce you to the set of tools that will make you your first dollar online.  Again, let me remind you that a good weapon does not make you a good soldier.  You can have the best tools in the world but if you don’t use them wisely, you won’t get anything out of them.  You need to use the right tools for the right job to get the right pay check.  The amount of money that you want to make depends solely on how well you are willing to work, and stay focused.

Remember that whatever you do with your internet business involves your dedication and trust. Trust yourself!  You are about to do a job, like every other job that requires dedicated input.  You need to trust your inner self to move forward and finish it. I underlined “finish it” because people tend to abandon the project they started after a while, especially if they encounter many road blocks.  The steps on how to make money online have been summarized below.  Please note that the steps mentioned below is only applicable if you want to make money through your Web site or your blog, it does not apply to any other model like how to make money offline through affiliate marketing without a Web site.  it is assumed that you have a computer to work with, and you also have enough time to work on your Web site (minimum of 16 hours a week).

Tools You’ll Need Offline

  1. You need a very comfortable computer desk as well as upright solid computer chair positioned at a location in your house where nobody can disturb you during work hours because you’ll be online most of the time.
  2. Computer (Desktop, or Laptop) with good mouse and mouse pad.  You can get a good deal by calling 888-986-4606.
  3. Printer, printer paper, printer ink, file folders and other office supplies you can use in your office.  You need a note book, a pen and your cup of coffee or tee, or whatever keeps you awake during the day.
  4. High speed internet
  5. You need a wall clock, or at least a timer that will assist you in calculating your time-in and time-out of your home office.  Remember that this is a real job and you will treat it as a job and not as a hobby.
  6. Write down a time-table for yourself.  Know the time you want to clock in, time you want to clock out for lunch, and time you want to close for the day.  DO NOT work more than 10 hours.  Take 1 hour break, and 1 hour to log out and clean out your desk. DO most of your work within 8 hours. That makes a total of 10 hours.

Tools That You’ll Need Online

There are some tools that you need to download online that you can not do without.  The little things that we ignore in life are the things that make up for our wealth and most times, our health.  The utility tools are:

  1. FREE Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool .  Simply choose your operating system, download and install on your computer.  This tool is very necessary because you’ll be working your money making Web sites and you want to make sure that they well protected from viruses, worms and hackers.  Although their are many other software that you can install that can do better job protecting your computer, but it’s going to cost you more.  At your starting point, you need as much free stuffs as you can lay your hands upon.
  2. Password Depot is the ultimate internet marketers choice for password management.  It’s what you should use to maintain the log-in information of all your Web sites, as well as affiliate sites that you’ll promote, or promoting.  Since you’ll be registering on lots of Web sites, you cannot keep track of all of them.  You need some sort of password tracker and manager.  The big time online millionaires also recommend password depot.
  3. A good and reliable keyword research tool – You need to research the market that you will be promoting before you create a business around it.  You want to make sure that you are creating a business around a product that would not fade with time.  Either informational, virtual or physical product.  Their are two major tools that does the same job for this particular project.  These tools are well utilized by the successful internet marketers and can be downloaded at keyword optimization software and Wordtracker.
  4. Web Host Provider – You need a very good web host provider.  Again, you should use exactly what successful internet marketers are using; Hostgator or 1and1.com.  To be successful on the internet, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.  Just do what has been proven to work and cash in on it.  Simple!  Use Hostgator or 1and1.com as your major Web host provider.
  5. Web site developing tool – You can either use some of the tools available at the control panel of the Web host companies or, you can use a FREE Web site editor called Kompozer.
  6. TrafficHello Engines is what you need to generate traffic to your affiliate pages.  Optimize your site with Hello engines! and achieve top 10 rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and co.  More ways to get free and paid traffic to your Web site can be found on the how to get traffic to your blog and Web site page.  You can use 7Search if you prefer to go the CPA and PPC route.
  7. WordPress Web site/ blog development platform.  You can download the FREE version here.
  8. A FREE File Transfer Protocol software – It enables you to upload and download files from your server without stress.  It is a free tool and it’s easy to use.  You can download the FTP here.
  9. You can decide to get all the tools mentioned above under one roof by using SiteSell.  It is the ultimate marketers tool, but it’s only for the serious minded; and its not free.  See it for yourself.
  10. Register at different affiliate sites – These are the sites that you’ll get your products from.  Register with CJ, Linkshare, JVZoo, Clickbank, PeerFly (Good for CPA), and Amazon.


Develop a plan and realistic mindset

If you have ever been tortured by your mind, you’ll know how important it is to get your mind straight before you start anything online, or even offline.  Get your workspace ready.  Make sure your work location does not interfere with your kids play area, or your wife silent room, or where the boys meet every weekend for a down time to watch the games.  Make sure you dedicate your space to your home online business.  Get organized.  Get rulers, note pads, pen, glue, staplers, staples, printer, printing papers, pencil sharpener, and don’t forget your coffee pot, if you drink coffee.

Do not doubt yourself.  This is your mindset.  I repeat DO NOT DOUBT YOURSELF.  You should  believe you can do this.  Don’t think that you will fail, because you might fail.  Have a positive mindset that these whole process would soon pay off.  I know most of you want to be on Facebook for a long time without missing anything happening online.  Drop Facebook and concentrate on your money, making project except if Facebook or any other social media is giving you return on your time that you are investing.  Determine what you want to accomplish and write it down on your notepad because you need this information to keep you focused.  Try to have some money on you, as little as $100 and as much as $500.  The money is meant to procure your domain name, your hosting plan, and some of the online tools that you will need.

Solution: Go ahead now and make up your mind how much you want to make Weekly.  Write it down on your notepad.  Be realistic! Pretend as if you are sitting in front of an interview and you have been asked how much you would like to receive per hourly rate. Write down the number of hours you would like to spend working for yourself on your computer.  I suggest that you should stick to 10 hours daily.  That leaves you with 14 hours to sleep, play with your kids and give your wife her well deserved attention.  Go ahead, make note of your plan in writing and stick to the plan.


Choose a keyword in your segmented target market and write your articles

Use either Wordtracker or Niche Mania to choose a niche for your business that will make you lots of money.  This means choosing your keyword carefully.  In order to develop a profitable website, we are going to do so with the search engines and your visitors in mind.  Choosing a niche should not be as difficult as choosing the right keyword in the niche.  A niche have different meanings relating to place, people, market, and nature.  The niche being discussed here is in reference to marketing.  A niche; with respect to marketing, is defined as a specialized market aimed towards a particular type of group of people.  It is an area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.

In the case of creating a money making Web site, let’s look at the health and wellness niche.  This means that you are going to explore a certain portion of the health and wellness market.  In order to explore this health and wellness niche opportunity, you need to get the correct search term that will bring in the profit from whatever you decide to do with the Web site in the long run.  This particular search term, or search phrase is called “keyword“.  So, if you come across the word keyword anywhere in this article, I want you to know I am referring to a particular search term or search phrase.

Keywords Are Key To Site Success!  I am sure it’s obvious to you that you’ll get more traffic if you get your page ranked in the top one or two pages. You want your site ranked as high as possible for the most appropriate keywords for your industry.  To get your keywords ranked properly, you need to know how the search engines work so as to feed them with what they need.
Ranking well in the search engines is critical to your online success. It can bring you loads of free traffic, pre-qualified leads that are already looking for the products and services you offer.  Before anything else, you need to know what search engines are looking for. The search engine (usually Google or Bing) makes the best match it can between the words people use when searching and the web pages it has stored in its massive database.  These words are called keywords.  Just type any keyword into a search engine and you get back the closest matches for that phrase at the top of page 1 of the results.

The top of page 1 is the best place to be. It means more visibility, and more sales.  Check the picture below.  To get there, you need to make good, judicious use of your target keywords in your web page copy. Do this, and your traffic can soar! Pick the right words to focus on and your sales will soar too.  But ignore them and you’ll be losing business to your competitors every hour of every day.  As you can see, it’s astounding how often website owners get it so completely wrong when designing and writing their website. Let’s look at three examples in more detail:

Solution:  Go now and search for your golden keyword(s)

About Search Engines

Crawling the Web – Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks:

  • They search the Internet — or select pieces of the Internet — based on important words.
  • They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
  • They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.

Search engines are basically computer algorithms which help users find the specific information they’re looking for. With literally trillions of pages of information online, without effective search engines, finding anything on the Internet would be almost impossible. Different search engines work in different specific ways, but they all utilize the same basic principles.  Before displaying search results based on a query, search engines must make a local database from which to provide the results. This is performed using software “robots” known as “spiders”. Every day these robots crawl through Web pages, indexing as they go. Once the search engine has visited a website’s index page, it will then crawl through each subsequent page looking for keywords to store and hyperlinks on which to continue its journey.

Different search engines operate in different ways.  Google’s spiders leave out words like “a”, “an” and “the”, whereas AltaVista’s spiders index every word on the page.  This is why different services garner different results.

Providing Results – Search engines are answer machines. When a person looks for something online, it requires the search engines to scour their corpus of billions of documents and do two things – first, return only those results that are relevant or useful to the searcher’s query, and second, rank those results in order of perceived usefulness.  It is both “relevance” and “importance” that the process of SEO is meant to influence.

STEP 3 – Domain Name Registration


This is the stage where you get to select your business name that you’ll use for your Web site domain name, as well as offline services.  This stage should also rhyme with the plan on how you will write your unique Web site content, plan about the product you want to sell, or resell, and finally set up your Web site with all the necessary gateways and get ready to open the shop for business.  When you are selecting your online business name, make sure it contains the primary and secondary keyword that you chose in step 2.  Try not to use hyphens, numbers, cunning spellings, and all sort of black hat seo manipulative techniques because it will always get you booted from the search engine on the long run.

Try to stick to your customer needs, not your own wants.  Always put your readers first, and you’ll be rewarded greatly by the search engines.

Solution: Go and get your domain names here.

STEP 4 – Creating Your Web Site

Plan Your Product

This is the stage where you get to choose if you have want to sell your own product or someone else’s product. Your decision will dictate the kind of Web site theme that you can use.  In most cases, the simplest Web site theme works best.


STEP 5 – Creating Your Content Around Your Chosen Buyer Keyword(s)

Write 5-10 useful articles that evolves around your chosen keywords.  Focusing on writing 5-10 articles that are not promoting anything, but just provide good solid content. These articles will serve two purposes.  The first purpose is to create some good content that will position your site as a quality site, not some half-baked spammy promotional site that a directory will never list.

The second purpose of writing unique articles around your chosen niche and keywords is for you to have some practice honing your writing skills without throwing into the mix the complexities of selling and pre-selling.  Write compelling copy first, and then build on that to sell.  When you write, always put your readers and visitors first.  It will help you to stay focused.


The final stage of making money online is the monetization of that Web site that you have  developed.  At the beginning of this page, I mentioned something about selling your product, or selling other people’s product.  The best and easiest way for you to make money as a beginner is by selling other people’s product.  Start by registering at the affiliate Web sites that I listed above.  You don’t need much.  Just a few of them will do for now.  Register with CJ, Linkshare, JVZoo, Clickbank, PeerFly, and Amazon.


make money online,  you could do so many things both ethical and non-ethical, but the most common way to make money online and earn genuine income is by monetizing blog or Web site, but people tend to run away from this option because they DO NOT know how to build a Web site.  I prefer to make money online through e-commerce, but most people cannot stand the customer service that comes along with e-commerce so they believe the easiest way to make money online is through your blog and through your Web site.

Make Money Online Blogging

You’ve Got Your Blog or Website, Now What?  After getting the Web site comes the monetization part; the not so easy part!  Without wasting too much of your time, let’s get started on the different ways that you can make money online blogging or by monetizing your new and existing Web.  Click here to get started.

Make money blogging is a a major search query that is trending presently on the Web because everybody wants  to make money blogging. To make money blogging, you need to identify what niche you are going to target.  You need to identify your demographics, and especially your target person ( Notice I did not write “target audience” ), and many more conditions.  The same rule applies to how you make money through your Web site.  Creating Web sites and blog is not as difficult as you may think it is.  You could build a blog or Web site yourself using any kind of free or paid Web site editor or you could simply buy a pre-made existing blog or Web site from any auction site, mostly at Flippa and start to monetize it.  Read more about how to “How to Make Money Blogging” here.

The most online question that I receive daily is “How Do You Create a Web Site?”, and my answer is Check out my tutorial on “How to Build a Web Site” here.


To start making money online from your own Web site, you need to make sure you have done the following things outlined below:

  • Finalized your niche topic – Niche Mania, Wordtracker, or NicheBOT
  • Selected a site name and domain – Hostgator or 1and1.com
  • Planned your site structure
  • Planned your digital product
  • Set up your publishing platform – WordPress with SEO plugins

Or you can simply use one tool serve all – SiteSell




Thought for today: What stops 90% of people? 

“Never give up. Realize that when you face problems, you are almost there. ‘No’ is negotiable. Ninety percent of people give up when they are 10 percent from achieving their goals. The word that stops them is ‘no’.”

– Australian businessman Barry Bull.