Blogging – The New Internet Marketing Strategy

Is Blogging The Latest Technique For Internet Marketing Strategies

Individuals often ask if content can be a new way to do internet marketing strategies, or if content is the best internet marketing strategy.  What is the difference and which is likely to give the best results? among all other kinds and forms of marketing techniques.

Individuals often ask if content can be a new way to do internet marketing strategies, or if content is the best internet marketing strategy. What is the difference and which is likely to give the best results? among all other kinds and forms of internet marketing. I believe article marketing is just one side of internet marketing, and it isn’t intended as replacing existing marketing but simply comprehend and other support existing marketing strategy, not a substitute. Content; simply put could very well be one component of an entire solution, as marketing strategies will be a total result enforcing several varieties of marketing instead of one type of marketing. In simple language; DO NOT RELY ONLY ON CONTENTS.

Or Simply the Best Internet Marketing Strategy

Although, the majority of the other internet marketing techniques still revolve around contents, but the game is shifting gradually from content to pure technology, reminding us of the basic concepts of marketing.  The technology today allows you to track your potential buyer’s shopping behavior (Privacy law taking into consideration), and/ or their intended shopping attitude, time spent online, demographics and many other parameters.

This technology allows you to serve the online buyers with the exact solution to their problem through feeds, and/ or through email; not email marketing but email filtering. A typical example of such sophisticated message sniffing, content filtering serving technology is used by Google through the G-mail free account. If you take note, inside your inbox, Google tends to serve you advertisement with respect to what your email reads, or with respect to the content of your incoming mail, or the title.

If you ask me, this is privacy invasion, but as much as you consent to use Google G-mail free service, you are bound by the privacy rules. If you ask me, Google rocks! Smiling at you and robbing you of your privacy cold blinded.

To put it differently, if you wish to generate an effective strategy for internet marketing strategies, the best internet marketing strategies is to create customer list from your online store, while making profit from your web shop(If you have an actual product to sell), or develop a membership Web site, or affiliate marketing or post sales, you should among the many styles of marketing smartly put into practice within your solution; the submission of articles.

There are many other techniques not mentioned here, but if you care to learn more, you can visit my blog for a full list of effective marketing strategy and solution to marketing sales problems. Not a single kind of online marketing strategy can direct traffic to your sales or pitch page. Don’t get me wrong; content is still a really powerful success into an internet marketing idea, as things are completely free to access and are able to drive a number of significantly effectual ends in it.

About Blog Post

Posts in a blog are often an extraordinary sort of marketing strategies that you use to build marketing. You are better and efficient by using helpful, valuable search term with ambitious contents. For anyone who is considering marketing site and forceful new visitors to your blog, submitting articles is an extremely top-rated way to get it done is simply the trick. Items necessitate priceless and helpful content against your subject or keywords and publish them on free submission internet pages. If your content makes sense, and it is helpful, people will surely link back to it. A typical example is how some people have linked back to this particular post/ article you are reading.

Content or articles can help the search engine find you faster than you can imagine. The indexing is superb and not only fast but furious :). How you rank now depends on how other bloggers or people link back to you. For people to easily find you before the search engines do; you need to use meaningful tagging. Tags are mini niche keywords focused specifically on getting you the particular reader/ buyer/ client who actually needs your service. Remember, the active word here is “particular reader” or precise reader. I hear people talk about target crowd, target audience, target this …and target that! Why would you waste your time searching for a crowd of interested clients and not focused on an interested individual? Once you find that particular individual to speak to, simply multiply people such as that particular individual to introduce and provide with your target product/ service.

Basic Marketing Concepts

To find the solution to marketing and sales problems, I believe every marketer must surely revisit the fundamentals and basic concepts of marketing. The few years I have been on this earth, I have learned to understand that everything solid depends solely on the fundamentals. The basics! I cannot emphasize more …The basic fundamental. If you are confronted with any problem in life, always revisit your basics, revisit your beginning and you’ll be amazed how well and how fast you’ll get a solution to your problem.


  1. Feature set – Package of capabilities and services offered by the product and or service.
  2. Commodity – Depends on the quality of your product/service
  3. Core product – Why should I buy your product? How will it benefit your consumer?
  4. Actual product – The surrounding characteristics that make the product indispensable.
  5. Augmented product – Customers want to know how well your product can go above and beyond the scope of other products in the same category. That is; extra features.

Find Your Individual Target

Your individual target matters a lot and how the search engine recognizes you matters even more. Believe me when I say this ..”To make money online from content marketing, you have to be seen on the front page of the SERP”, and of course, your journey to the search engine front page surely depends on lots of parameters and conditions. In my next blog, I’ll discuss getting on the search engine front page in detail. I have experimented with different information and different techniques in the past, and as an information technology expert, I can authoritatively tell you that “You need to be on the search engine results front page if you do article marketing”.

Individual targeting helps you get the best click through rate (CTR) if you make money from Google AdSense; and also helps you get the high return on your investment (ROI) if you are a product affiliate marketer. Like I mentioned earlier, I have experimented a lot on individual targeting, and it seems to be the best. I’ll try my best possible in my next article to walk you through exactly what I mean and you’ll be amazed at the result. Together we’ll pick a niche and you’ll be surprised to find the particular keyword in that niche that we chose ranking high on the front page of 75% of the search engines. Remember, Google holds almost 2/3 of the world queries (65%, based on Nielson Online, 2009; comScore 2009); while other search engines share the rest. This statistics is correct as of the time I wrote this article, the use of the internet has also increased to 73% (Kenneth Laudon and Carol Traver. 2010).
Item marketing is really a less difficult and fast way of internet marketing and is particularly just one of very few accessible methods to earn money and generate targeted traffic to your site. A very good entry level is through eBay. In the event you suggest stories to editorial submission and content directory websites, people can seek to obtain your website from a link for you to the role in the source field or signature element of each editorial. Articles is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert on the particular subject matter, and once individuals seek to favor you as an expert, they will surely link to your blog and send your blog links to the family of professionals to review and accept you into the circle of elites.

Every internet site can benefit from marketing strategies, and one on the ways to get an online crusade getting in a favorable technique that motivates outcome is to apply hot potent content as a considerate way of developing authority, structuring links and major travel into the site from several authorities in the world of the net.

I hope I have been able to give you some insight on solutions to marketing and sales problems. I’ll stop here for now.

Till I hear from you guys, it’s bye for now.


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