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With The Fragmentation Of Markets – The Marketing Expert Rules
June 18, 2012

In the past societies were marked by’ homogeneity’. industrial routine meant your neighbour may well have worked alongside you too, on the next machine say, or in the pit. They had the same narrow range of leisure pursuits, watched the same two or three TV channels and went on holiday to the same seaside towns. People dinners were always a take on ‘meat and two veg’ and their shopping baskets yielded largely the same range of items. This meant people’s choices could be anticipated. They might spend carefully but they would spend predictably.

Nowadays our specialised work patterns are fragmented, our societies multi-cultural and highly mobile. Different and contrasting lifestyles and habits exist and the nature of group ties that bind us have altered. As industrial society has been transformed into a far-more complex entity, one aspect of business has assumed dominance over all others: the science of marketing; identifying the likely purchasers of any given product and finding the language to communicate to and with them.

Because we are all modern consumers, we can all speak a little of this language. If we imagine this kind of lay understanding is in any way enough to work in marketing however, we are going to embarrass ourselves. If we wish to build a career in this fascinating and cutting-edge area of business, it is vital to understand the theoretical and analytical approaches that drive it. It is crucial we understand the strategic and operational nature of modern organisations and how these are served by marketing. It is important to know how market research is designed, collected, analysed and used to inform decisions. And perhaps above all we need to comprehend how the new personalised user-interfaces that are available are transforming consumers’ relationships with those who market to them. In order to have the theoretical heft to our argument as well as be up-to-speed with the post-modern marketplace, we need the help of marketing teachers: genuine experts in marketing.

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For those entering the industry, or for those who wish to build on knowledge gained on the job, a variety of online marketing courses are available. Virtual learning environments like Moodle have made online study a popular option, allowing students greater flexibility with no loss of support and guidnace from tutors.

BrightonBSM has a range of fully-accredited courses which can kickstart your marketing career. Click here for more details. With the flexibility of online learning, it’s never too late to improve your career prospects!

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