Everybody claims they’ve got it, online businesses like Empower Network even base their company upon it, but the fact of the matter is most people who attempt to make money online with an affiliate program simply do not have the motivation to succeed. Today we’ll be looking into this subject.

There are two scenarios which people tend to see when they try to build an income from home. Some will see all the big, bold claims of automated systems doing all the work while you kick back on a beach and enjoy life, while others will see it as an opportunity to build their brand the same way they would if they were opening a business offline. Which scenario they see often depends purely upon what the person themselves is looking for.

Despite the huge number of people who look for ways to become their own boss on the internet every day, very few of them actually want to go through with it. Most are merely looking to see if they can stumble across an instant answer to their financial troubles. That’s why so much of the industry’s marketing is geared to cash in on that mentality.

While there are many who spend their time selling packages and training materials to teach those individuals that the internet is a legitimate business, many of them simply don’t want to learn. So there are always going to be countless companies out there who target their marketing efforts at the expense of those folks.

One of the reasons so many people quit in the home business world is the fact that they were never truly in it for the right reasons. They wanted to make a quick buck and got out when they realized it didn’t work that way.

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Working for yourself is a tough job. You’re the CEO and the front-end staff. If you fail, it’s all on you. Most people cannot handle that pressure and try to blame others. Before you get involved with any affiliate business, try to study somebody in your life who has attempted to create their own business. [

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There are so many budding entrepreneurs who are happy to post motivational quotes to their Facebook wall all day long but lack the drive to live their own life with the same mentality they want to push onto others. It’s easy to get motivated by something, the tricky part is using it productively for yourself.

While it’s easy to get lost in the hype of the motivational stories which surround online businesses like Empower Network you must remember that most affiliates fail. Many people confuse motivation with excitement. Excitement wears off, whereas motivation is the thing which is going to get you out of bed at 5 in the morning because you want to get something done before you have to go to work. If you want to make money online you should stop now and ask yourself which one sounds more like you.

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