Writing a Eulogy – Some Tips For You

A Eulogy is a big part of a person’s funeral. The responsibility of recounting the life experience of that person is on the one making the Eulogy. You want to give the best Eulogy you can give, even if you just came up with the whole speech in a couple of minutes. A good Eulogy is meaningful, so don’t overthink the process.

Considering the time constraints, you can still create a great Eulogy. There are also many Eulogy examples too. Just remember some ways to plan.

1. Summary of Achievements
Any person has a story to share about his or her life. If you’re creating a Eulogy, make it seem like a journey. Major turning points include traveling, migration, and going to other places. Inspirational endeavors should be mentioned.

List the things the person holds dear. If you want to know the details, ask someone who is close to the person. Don’t downplay anything, make the person seem larger than life. Always keep in mind your objective. It should sum up a person’s life and all the great things that the person did should stand out.

2. Make Notes
Even if you think you know what you want to say, you should put all your ideas on paper. Do a quick drill down of what you want to mention and make a list. Even if you think you’ve memorized your speech, you may forget something. In five seconds, you can forget all the things you memorized so you need your notes.

3. Time Your Speech
Time will not stop when you’re on stage. To prevent from spending so much time on one aspect of your speech, you should learn how to pace your speech. The important thing is that you mention everything that you planned on saying.

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Some people are overly concerned about technicalities like word usage and grammar. Stick to what you planned and do minimal revisions.

Eulogy Samples

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