Want To Learn Basic SEO Writing? Read This

Are you a freelance article writer who would like to also get started in providing SEO content writing services to your clients? If yes then you should start learning how you can write good optimized articles for the search engines to easily find them. It is actually very easy once you have understood the basics of it.

But what is SEO in the first place? It is short for search engine optimization and it is the process or the technique that you apply to help your website be easily found or noticed by the search engine spiders who prowl the web for fresh and relevant content. It applies to any article writing that is destined to be published as a web page because these search spiders love to read text.

So to further help you achieve success with internet marketing Philippines, these are some of the article writing tips for search engine optimization.

It is highly important that a proper keyword selection is done, preferably before the actual writing of the article takes place. This is to help determine what keywords should be placed within the article because often it is a lot easier to put the keywords as you go along writing the article than after the article has been finished. Of course this technique may not be applicable to most writers.

The title is the most optimal location to place your chosen keyword. And I highly suggest that you optimize an article on just one keyword. Maybe two would be pushing it. The idea behind this is to avoid confusing the search engine spiders in determining the best keyword to rank your web page for. This is often a mistake that I see a lot of first time SEO specialists commit and they wonder why their page is not even ranking.

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Next it is a good idea to put your selected keyword a few times within your article. For an article that has less than 500 words I suggest you go for at least two with a maximum of four keyword placements. But make sure you put your keywords in the first and the final paragraphs. Of course this can vary depending on your preference or which SEO specialist you would decide to follow. One more tip, ensure that they keywords are smoothly placed in the sentences.

While there are many other SEO content writing tips out there, the ones presented here should serve as a good start for anyone who is interested to give it a try. Do you want to push it a bit further? Then get an SEO course which will teach you the ins and outs of search optimization.

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