The Best Business Cards Have One Unique Characteristic

Each business owner understands how useful of a marketing tool business cards can be.

If you don’t overlook its ability, a great one can bring in plenty of new business.

But for a lot of people, they aren’t able to bring about that constant flood of new customers.

Hope to avoid that? Read on to find out how…

Occasionally some people ask whether there is a magic formula to an effective business card — Something that decides whether or not it will produce a lot of new business.

There undoubtedly is.

The trick to a highly effective card is — in simple terms — to make yours ENGAGING!

You may want to re-read that last sentence again.

The best business cards possess that single powerful trait.

In order for a business card to accomplish what it truly is designed to do, it must be in a position to engage a person for at least a few seconds.

The unfortunate truth is, simple reason why most fall flat is due to the fact that they don;t hold the attention of the receiver for long enough to make any impact.

Believe it or not, an interesting study illustrated that nearly 2/3 of business cards received nothing more than a cursory peek before the recipient put them away, allowing it to make little to no impression at all. (translation: tucked in a pocket, perhaps never to see the light of day again)

You see “standard” content – that is, a name, contact details, a logo, and other general content – does NOT have the capacity to make an impact on a prospect. These details don’t persuade a prospect to choose your company (or to show your card to a friend). None of them make you memorable either. Even worse yet, these details do not give a prospect much of a reason to look over the card either! Let’s be honest, it’s not like they’re going to memorize the website right?

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That is why a standard card that features nothing but your name, logo, and contact details goes immediately into someone’s pocket without so much as another glance. That is all you need to digest that much information! It’s ample time to say, “all right, if I actually need to contact this person, I’ll be able to.”

But, each time a card actually engages someone, is visually unique, says something different, and basically forces them to pay attention and take notice of a clear message – well, something incredible happens.

It changes from “contact card”… to sales tool!

It becomes a small advertisement, and acquires the ability to PROPEL someone toward a precise determination or action. In other words, to do business with you!

Actually, a call to action is a major, though often missing component of most business cards. To generate results yours should guide prospects toward the next step — whether that’s asking for more information, watching a video on your website, requesting a free report, coming in for a special offer, or anything else you can dream up.

THAT, my friend, is how you convert a prospect into a customer. Stand out. Be unforgettable. And supply them with a good reason to take the next step!

So if you need effective business cards, don’t be satisfied with a “contact card”. Shoot instead for a motivational little sales tool!

Make yours attention-grabbing… and engaging.

You can do that by means of:

  • an effective headline
  • unique content on the front or back of the card
  • a powerful call to action
  • a distinctive shape or die-cut
  • awesome design or style
  • a distinctive material (such as wood, or transparent plastic)
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Present more than just contact information and your logo, and ensure your card can’t be tucked away until someone has gotten a cold hard look at it.

There’s no easier way to keep your business card out of the trash can and working diligently to produce customers for you.

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