Locating Advertisers for Your Website

Selling ad space on your site can end up being a hard job if you are going to depend on things to work out on their own. You have to put in the effort to actually go out there and find advertisers for that would be interested in becoming a sponsor of your website. But, how do you start the process for looking for good advertisers for your blog? The following article will supply a few tips for finding additional advertisers.

Email Your List: If you have a targeted email list that you’ve been nurturing for a while, then why not email them about the opportunity to advertise on your site? You’ll have a better chance getting people who you already have some connection with to take you up on your offer than people you ask out of the blue. It’s a good idea, when contacting your subscribers, to ask them if they’d be interested in advertising on your site without quoting them a price. You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just tell them the price in your email. It’s simple -if somebody is actually interested in buying advertising at your website, they’ll email you back asking for the price. Once you start a dialog with someone, you can go back and forth about the price if there’s any disagreement. The last thing you’d want is your subscribers ignoring your offer just based on the price. Make Use of Blogging: You never know who might read a particular blog post that you write, so there are lots of possibilities in this area. You can actually leverage your blog posts by adding a simple message at the end of each blog post asking your readers to check out the advertising options at your site. Just the way you would include any other call to action on your blog, by including this message, you’ll get yourself some extra publicity for your advertising offer. Most of the info should be on your advertiser page; only devote a line or two of your blog posts to this matter so anyone who’s interested can click on the link.

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Produce a Post Welcoming Advertisers: Always try to remember that it does not matter how prosperous your blog might be, you should always make it a point to get new advertisers. One of the best things that you can do is to write a post that tell advertisers what to expect when they advertise on your blog. You could then give them instructions for how it is done, how well ads perform on your site, the type of traffic that is generated, and how much ROI will be. This is your opportunity to make them understand and convince them as to why it’s a good idea to advertise on your site. You should put effort into any ideas that could give advertisers a good impression about your website.

You need to create the right level of balance when finding advertisers. Do not utilize ads that are not on the same subject as your website. Your whole objective should be to find targeted advertisers that are more than willing to spend money to place ads on your website.

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