Flyers That Work: How To Design Them

“Online advertising” is the word of the day used by modern marketers. With thousands of online and digital venues available , many marketers believe that old advertising methods such as displaying posters, putting up banners, publishing ads in the newspaper, and broadcasting television commercials as dead techniques. This is certainly not the case . Indeed, in a lot of cases, traditional marketing methods can be very effective, sometimes more effective than online marketing. Think about it: what if your target audience is located in an area, region, or country where Internet connection is either weak or non-existent? For maximum reach, businesses should mix online and traditional marketing methodologies.

Distributing flyers is a very effective classical marketing technique. Cheap Flyer have a wide reach, and many people feel more comfortable and more conducive to be attracted to your offers if they can actually touch a promotional material. In addition, you do not need electricity to view a flyer (you need electric power to turn on your computer and view a website, right?), it is convenient to bring and share, and you can keep it for long periods .

To attract your audience’s attention, a flyer must be well designed . Here are some things to consider onhow to design an attractive flyer:

* The headline is the first thing that a person sees on your flyer . An interesting, eye-catching, interest-inducing headline is very important . Formulate headline sentences that spark interest such as “What do you do when your car breaks down?” or “Imagine a 5-star cruise for only $20!” It is a bad idea to include your business name or products and services in your headline; that is just to hard sell. People are first interested in what is in it for them, not who you are.

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* Your readers only have a few seconds to go through your flyer. Thus, you have a very short window to power up the interest of your readers . Thus, use bullet points and brief sentences that are clear, concise, and straight to the point. It is not a good idea to compose long sentences or paragraphs.

* Maximize the use of power words that grab people’s attention such as “free”, “exciting”, “exclusive”, “new”, or “save”. Of course, use them with sense and in the context of your message.

* Pictures speak a thousand words, and they work beautifully for your flyer. For example, if you are advertising automobiles, your message would be more powerful if you put an image of a beautiful, sparkling, sleek automobile in your flyer rather than mere text. Be careful though not to dominate the space with images or else your flyer would become too confusing. Since the idea is to whet up a reader’s interest, use no more than one or two strong images.

* It is also a cool idea to leave some blank space an inch or two of unprinted space on each side is good. Blank spaces eliminate clutter and make your flyer look more organized.

* Include an active call-to-action text such as “Call now!” “Buy now and receive this gift” or “Don’t miss this great opportunity.” Passive call to action such as “For more information, call . . .” do not induce much impact.

* Do not forget to add your contact details such as your business name, contact person, phone numbers, e-mail address, website, and mailing address. If you forget to add them, how can your customers call with you if they don’t know how to get in touch with you?

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Finally, remember that an effectively designed flyer is not just attractive but also increases your credibility and professionalism. Unprofessionally designed flyers (e.g., handwritten ones, home-printed black-and-white ones with nothing more the business name and contact details, etc.) that is printed on low-quality paper reflect badly on your company. That is why you have to invest in getting the services of a graphic artist to design your flyer. If you cannot find one within your contacts, ask a trusted flyer printing company if they can spare a graphic artist to work on your flyer.

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