e-Book Writing Tactics Which Will Stamp Expert On Your Electronic book

The entire point in writing and self-publishing an e-book rather than a regular paperback is that it is easier, faster and less expensive. Folk love electronic books as they are easily accessible, straightforward to carry and share, cheap and much more fun than standard books.

But what is the point in writing a PDF, if you do not understand how to make it look truly professional? The following advice are made to help you achieve just that – stamp P.R.O. On your PDF.

1. Use links. One of the benefits of digital books is they can have all sort of interactive perks that make readers ‘ life much easier. If you’d like your e-book to seem like an expert, use links wherever feels acceptable.

As an example, make each chapter name link to the relevant chapter straight from the table of contents ; if you use footnotes, make them clickable too. These tiny, yet major enhancements will let your fans navigate through your e-book easily.

2. Write meaningful yet catchy chapter titles. You surely know how critical the title of your e-book is. Well, you want to remember that chapter headlines are at least as significant.

When creating the headline of each chapter, stick to the same rules you followed when making your e-book headline : be educational, attention-grabbing, igniting ; avoid specialised terms or pretentious language ; use call-to action words when possible.

3. Use pull quotes to summarize. This is incredibly helpful particularly if you are writing a manual or another type of manual. Think which is the most important information in the chapter or is there anything you would like to mention and summarise it in a new text box.

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4. Insert visuals. The entire point of having an e-book is that you can use lots of visuals – pictures, graphs, charts and even videos. Use visuals when possible – this will help your fans visualise the content and will ultimately make their experience better.

Remember : never use visuals of bad quality as this may make your e-book look rubbish and you – messy.

5. Select larger fonts. Reading on a P. C. screen is much more difficult than reading from a regular printed media. Go for a bigger font size ( 14pt will do ) as they are less difficult to read and your fans will not feel tired after checking out a couple of chapters.

Stay away from heavy and busy fonts – if utilized incorrectly such fonts can make your e-book look inexpensive.

6. Break your content. Once more your target is to give your audience the best reading experience. Organise your content smartly : stay away from lengthy paragraphs ( 3-4 sentences is just fine ), use bullet points when practical use sub-headings.

If you organize your content right, your fans will read easily and find the data they need faster.

7. Don’t save white space. Apply write space as much as practicable. Most readers are intimidated by the so-called walls of text so try avoiding that at all costs.

Select larger page borders ( one or one [*FR1] in. from all sides is fine ), use 1.5 paragraph spacing, use text wrapping breaks after each sub-title, bullet point and between paragraphs.

8. Proofread. There is nothing worse than misspelled words or typos, half finished sentences, silly grammar mistakes or another type of “stupid” mistakes. 2 this and your e-book will be recollected as “a waste of time and money”.

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There isn’t any need to proofread your electronic book while you are writing it as this may slow you down noticeably. But once you are ready, sit right down and proofread it carefully. Many times.

9. Proofread again. It is better to waste an extra couple of hours than publish a second-grade e-book. You may even ask a friend or hire somebody to proofread your ebook.

10. Make it simple to share. One of the greatest qualities of an ebook is that it is simple to share. But you should ensure this is so. Use an omnipresent file format like PDF and keep the file size tiny.

To learn more tips on writing outstanding ebook content, check out Chris Hadad, author of “Flirting With Text Messages” and the best selling ebook “Text The Romance Back”

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