Digital Printing Makes Low-Volume Flyers Affordable

Digital printing has given the printing industry a huge boost in versatility. Digital printing is practically and economically viable for small-to medium-scale printers that specialize or are limited to low-volume print runs for cheap flyers, brochures, and other printed documents. This is mostly due to the huge availability and access of the technology, the ease and low cost in buying and setting up digital printing equipment, the top quality of prints, and the unnecessary acquisition of printing plates and huge offset machines.

Here are some other advantages of digital printing:

* Because of the technology’s non-contract printing method, images and text can be printed on a larger selection of substrates including delicate materials such as paper, fabrics, and ceramics without worrying about damaging the material or the printing apparatus.

* Digital printing significantly reduces image distortion that often occurs in screen printing, offset printing, and other traditional analog printing processes.

* Most clients avoid extra costs and risks that are associated in keeping a large inventory of surplus or stock printed materials that sometimes occurs as a result of mass-and-batch or high-volume print runs. Digital printing eliminates the surplus problem via shorter print runs, mass customization, and lesser turnaround time.

* The flexibility of digital printing allows the technology to be an ideal platform for variable data printing, personalized and customization of documents, small-archive storage, and short-to-medium print runs. The technology reduces print spoilage, enhances proof cycles, and allows quick-time delivery of print materials.

Traditional analog methods such as screen printing for clothes and offset printing for flyers, sales kits, books, and other materials still dominate the industry. Digital printing, however, with its unique advantages, is here to stay to provide clients better service and more cheap flyer solutions.

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