Bing Onward Of Google

The fight has finally came to end between the search engines to show the effectiveness of the search results with result of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The decision engine from Microsoft has leaded the web pages than searches in comparison to its rival search engine Google. The share of Google as the search engine in the market with most of the queries are fired over the internet.

The queries that are fired through search engine of Microsoft’s gets the results that lead the users to click on the websites at higher rate as compared to that of Google search engine. In the month of June, the success rate of Bing in United States of America was 80% according to the recent data released.04% as compared to Google’s 67.56%. The success rate in percentage can be considered as the queries that result in a visit to the searched site. In the year 2009, the success rate of searches on the queries was 81.36% which was more efficient than Google’s success rate.

When the game of accurate search is executed, there is still a room of improvement for Google as well as Bing. It is necessary for the marketers to evaluate the result page of the search engine which can ensure in getting the relevant information when unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunities for the search engines to improve their efficiency.

To formulate more precise queries will help the search engine to evaluate them. The searches made with single keyword are about 25.32% as compared to that of two-word keywords and three-word keywords with 24.09% and 19.49% respectively on Bing search engine. This result could easily boost the revenue of Microsoft for its online services. This numbers will help the marketers to purchase the keywords to purchase on the sites powered by Bing rather than to purchase them on Google.

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To increase the efficacy of search on Bing, number of steps has been taken by Microsoft. Microsoft has added new tools which will allow users to book travel tickets with single click with the input related to the term. Real time feeds from Facebook has also been added to Microsoft on its search results. The increase of revenue in Microsoft went up with 16.5% in the recent quarter.

Though the search efficiency of Google is less in comparison with Bing, volume wise Bing is far behind Google. The search volume of Bing is 12.98% whereas search volume of Google is 66.05% and Yahoo was 15.07%. Google is required to improve the efficiency of its searches that will help to justify its lead in the race of search engines. Though Google is in dominating position but still it is required to improve its efficiency in search that will help to gain its position in the market.

The race of search engines and its leader will change from time to time but it is important for them to maintain their position on top. Advertising in London will help you to lead on the leading search engine with the effective SEO services it offers to its customers.

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