3 Easy Banner Advertising Tips That Work

You know, it’s funny because a lot of people totally ignore banner advertising because they “heard” it doesn’t work – it does, we know. Here’s the thing… there is no end to the possibilties and amount of targeted traffic available with banners in the right places. If you have the budget, the sky is the limit. Your research will determine where you place your banners, and you will see that the traffic potential is quite impressive. Your results depend largely on your knowledge about this type of advertising. What we’re going to do is talk about several banner advertising strategies that you can add to your advertising tool kit.

The stronger and more ‘influencing’ your copy, or the text on your ads. then better your conversions will be. The fact that your space is so small, it forces you to make the copy as good as it can possibly be. So the trick is to pass on your sales message in as few words as possible, without actually limiting the overall purpose of your ad. Yes, there is some creativity involved, but it has to strictly follow good copywriting so it is able to get the job done. So start by focusing more on the heading of your ad so that you can insert your offer’s biggest unique selling point in it. Your USP is your strongest benefit, which is why it should be the first thing your prospect sees when he/she sees your ad.

Your ad of course, like all ads, must be highly focused on only one thing, your one offer and nothing else. If you try to sell too many things within one banner ad you’ll only confuse people and no one will click through. The end result will total confusion as to what is going on, and the bottom line is your conversions will not be very good. Your job is to offer utmost clarity to your prospect so that they can take the required action. So remember to avoid multiple messages in all ads, and hone in on just one offer per banner ad.

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Banner advertising copy is much like regular copywriting, and that means you don’t use extraneous words that don’t really need to be there. Don’t go ahead and try to add everything and the kitchen sink in your ad to make it appealing. If people cannot know what you’re talking about in just a few seconds then it’s lost. But that is really good news because it means your banners will be simple to make. Adversely affecting the load time of your banner could be a disaster.

Including very rich graphics can often dilute the message in the copy, and that will cause your conversions to drop.

You can easily learn how to use banner advertising to bring in heavy volumes of targeted traffic. If you really want to avoid losses and gain profits from using banner ads, then focus on these basic tips. Learn and study successful banners at high traffic websites, and then start slow and reinvest your profits into more advertising.

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