Affiliate programs might promise to help you make money online easier than ever before but the truth is most people struggle to earn anything despite the potentially massive earnings their chosen company has to offer.

Despite the ever changing technological advances we make, the basic rules to become your own boss have not changed an awful lot over the years. In fact, today we are going to share three of those rules with you and also teach you why most affiliates completely overlook them. [

Learn the crucial steps to being able to make money online with an online business.


1. Offline marketing.

2. If you don’t have a notepad, buy one today.

3. Is the product line of your home business opportunity as strong as it’s affiliate plan?

The most overlooked aspect of any affiliate program is offline marketing. Most affiliates don’t even think about using offline resources to spread the word about their business opportunity. But there is an untapped audience out there of individuals who like the idea of being their own boss, yet don’t have the confidence to go online and start looking.

Naturally, the main reasons why people overlook this method are very easy to avoid. A lot of affiliates are simply scared to get out into the real world, they turned to the internet because they didn’t have the confidence to start a business in their local area. Also, a lot of people make the false assumption that you need to spend a fortune to advertise a business in the real world.

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Naturally, if you plan to purchase ad space on a billboard you can expect a large fee. But that’s not what offline marketing actually is. There are very cheap methods available such as drop cards, fliers and business cards which have all stood the test of time and are used by tons of people with their own business in the offline world.

There are countless people out there who’d like to earn an income from home. Not all of them go online looking for information. In fact, very few of them do this because they don’t believe there are any genuine, legitimate businesses online which they could use. That market is largely untapped because most affiliate marketers completely overlook it.

Carrying a notepad with you might sound like relatively simple advice, but you would not believe the amount of affiliates who don’t do it. As a result, they forget potentially great ideas they had for their business because they came to them while they were away from their computer and they didn’t write it down. They are losing some of their best ideas.

Carrying a notepad will guarantee you are able to take advantage of those ideas because there is a high probability that they will just be forgotten as your day progresses.

Finally, take a look at the products you are promoting. Are they really brilliant? Would you still wish to be a paying customer if there wasn’t an affiliate program attached to it? For most people, that answer is a resounding no. If that is the case for you too then you should find another affiliate program to work with, because it’s very hard to give 100% to something you don’t truly enjoy.

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A company like Empower Network is a good example of this. Despite the affiliate plan being quite lucrative, it’s certainly not breaking any new ground and there are potentially bigger earnings available elsewhere. Yet it was able to build a substantial reputation in the home business industry because it took time to focus on it’s product line, retaining members and providing something useful to a certain niche.

If you are trying to find a way to make money online as an affiliate, the three simple steps taught to you today represent some of the most proven, yet most overlooked, marketing tricks of all time. They have been used by countless individuals on their way to becoming their own boss and they still work in the digital age.

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