As an ambitious business owner you are probably highly focused on promoting your practice, both offline and online. This fact makes getting hold of a website designer that specializes in creating good quality CPA Websites vital. The internet has evolved over the last ten years, and your website is no longer a one trick pony. Properly designed CPA websites can help you manage your business more efficiently and they can also aid with client retention. With an eclectic client base, keeping satisfactorily in touch and projecting a professional image is tremendously important.

Your profession doesn’t sit very well with rigid minds. Most small CPA firms have many different types of clients. Communicating with small businesses can be a completely different experience than speaking to a busy freelancer or a globe-trotting CEO. CPA websites need to cater to all these clients. In order to be effective marketing tools they also need to search engine friendly.

1. Keep it Personal:

Rather than posting a generic website a good designer will take the time to personalize it and show the world what makes you unique. The best designers know that it’s important that your website reflect you. It’s your personality, and company’s, that really separates you from your competitors. If you want to attract new business and cultivate long term relationships with your clients you need to offer more than skill and professionalism. This helps new prospects overcome their natural fear of of strangers and make the initial contact with you. Existing clients will really believe that you care about them and their businesses, and this will help you with client retention.

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2. “Content is King”:

What you say is just as important as how you say it. Make sure you website is offering real value to it’s visitors. Offer features like Financial Guides, newsletters and Financial Calculators. These are the elements of your website that will bring people back time and time again even if they’re not looking for a CPA… yet. It will also inspire confidence in your existing clients and offer a good opportunity for you to cross-sell your services.

3. Get found:

Once you have a beautiful, functional site, optimization is key. It doesn’t really matter how great your website is if nobody ever sees it. A significant percentage of your traffic, especially your new visitors, will be driven by search engines. SEO can be a fantastic way to get CPA websites placed at the top of the Google rankings. And don’t forget what I told you about content! If a searcher lands on a badly written page it doesn’t matter how good your search engine listing is; the visitor is going to “bounce”. When a visitor takes one look at your page and then just leaves we call it a “bounce”.

4. Tracking Your Results:

When you plant a garden, you water it, fertilize it and watch your produce grow. Integrating CPA websites into your marketing requires the same kind of attention. Monitoring website hits – and where they come from – can enable you to hone your marketing strategies. Used in conjunction with their “Webmaster Tools” Google Analytics can tell you everything you need to know about who’s visiting you’re site, where they’re coming from, where they’re going, how long they’re sticking around, and anything else you may want to know.

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5. More Marketing Tips:

Speaking of marketing strategies, what are the best ways to ensure your local customer pool has only one company on its mind? The answer is simple: networking. You probably attend CPA conferences and try to gather useful contacts on an offline basis. Now it’s time to transfer that to an online medium. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be enormously useful not only in “getting the word out” but also for communicating with your clients and prospective clients. If you don’t already have a blog, you should consider adding one to your website to keep people up to date about your CPA business, taxes, and fiscal news.

Taking these five points into consideration will most likely let you pass through the material world and move efficaciously into cyber-space! Building CPA websites can give the impression of being really daunting to noobies if they don’t understand the fundamentals. As you can plainly see, though, it’s not actually all that tough.

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