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The Correct Way To Take Advantage of The Twitter Autoresponder
February 12, 2012

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Most web businesses who have a presence at Twitter rarely utilize the autoresponder that is given to everyone, and we feel that is a huge mistake. Honestly, we think a lot of people simply do not “get it” with the purpose of the autoresponder, but luckily that does not have to be your fate.

There’s absolutely nothing that can replace the power of value, and this fact doesn’t change when you’re dealing with your Twitter autoresponder. How many times have you received an automated message containing garbage or junk that was supposed to be content? There’s just no point in sending out a message to your new followers if you don’t have anything meaningful to say. One thing you really must do is know exactly what it is you need to be providing to those who follow you. Give your followers something real, even if it’s just perceived value, it does matter in the long run. When you’re using any type of persuasion in your direct message, make sure you do it tactfully. Appearing as someone who’s demanding is not a good idea, and is the last thing you’d want. You can be subtle in your approach when asking for your followers to take a certain action, but that’s about it. Coming across with a fake persona like the Rich Jerk in affiliate marketing will produce little results. We know you do not want to work hard and then only turn-off the very people you have worked hard to know. Persuasion is the key to success when it comes to effective copywriting, but when you’re working with the Twitter autoresponders, you need to know when to draw the line.

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You can certainly receive a lot of response by making your messages more personal, such as by asking a question that demands an answer. For online businesses, the buzz words at Twitter will forever be socializing, interacting and relationships. You want your autoresponder messages to spark a dialogue with people, and never ignore anybody if they send you a message in response to yours. Never let a response from anybody sit there unanswered for more than a day or two. Always take the initiative in your communications because most people there will not unless they are another marketer like you.

So be very sure you use the Twitter DM autoresponder because it is there to help you make friends and build relationships.

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