In the combat zone of internet marketing, small online businesses usually lose their customers to big online businesses for falling short of the latest trends and techniques that shape the industry. If they plan to come victorious of the competition, creating a solid and strategic internet marketing plan is a must. It is the first step for your business to have a clear direction towards success.

There are a number of techniques which can be incorporated in a marketing plan. However, the one that aims in reaching the target market of a certain business is the most crucial of them all.

Online businesses are always in the hunt for ground-breaking means to clearly send their messages to their audiences. Besides effective means, low-cost ones attract them the most. Some of these tools are already part of our lives in this modern day and age. They just need a touch of resourcefulness on your part.

In any internet marketing campaign, the use of electronic tools is vital because they prove to be the most effective ones. Who would have thought the simple gadgets and our everyday means of communication to our loved ones can some marketing tactics. Get inspired by them on the following list.


Basic internet marketing would require you to furnish a set of a targeted email list of contacts that are interested to take advantage of SEO services. This should be one of your priorities because you will be dealing with people rather with customers.

By conducting a niche research, you will be able to identify possible customers together with their desires and needs. An online survey could be done by posting a survey sheet on one of your web pages. An easy way though to know your market’s changing needs is to check on industry forums and blogs.

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After the targeted list has been established, compose the email body and top it with an attention grabbing subject line. This will entice the recipients to read the whole email content.

Using words like “inside secrets”, “magic”, and “guaranteed” intrigue anyone’s attention. Besides engaging the readers’ curiosity, they can even prod them reader to probe more on the information emailed to them.

Social Networking

One noted strategy to keep your products and services in front of consumers is to post them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Asking them to follow your along your brand updates is an effective part of strategic internet marketing.

The dawn of You Tube has revolutionized the way businesses promote their products effectively. You Tube accommodates product video posting of various small business internet marketing companies. Along with this, businesses use blogs too in letting their audience know company updates and events. In pursuit of being known as an authority in the industry, a company keeps its blog updated.


Keywords are helpful in drawing viewers to your website. AdWords is a keyword search tool which can provide you with keywords and phrases and narrow them down to your marketing niche. Such results are reliable as they are based on market research. Observing what your competitors are scheming about and being upbeat with the trends can magnetize new customers to your advantage.

Barcode Tags

The internet provides many ways to integrate traditional print marketing tools like advertisements and brochures to any business website. Innovative Tag technology is the perfect proof of such ingenuity.

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This technology allows customers to access your website instantly by using an application on their smartphones. As its name suggest, tag technology works by including a small tag –somewhat like a logo – on a printed piece.

By placing or scanning a smartphone over the graphic, the customer gets to ‘read’ the tag. And in a few seconds, your business website then opens right up. This strategic internet marketing revolution gives instant product information and pricing to your customers.

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