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Outsource Tasks For Your Online Business With Ease
September 22, 2011

It is always smart to include three unique virtual interview questions whenever you are looking to hire a virtual assistant. What can be some relevant questions? An example of it is this: What can you do with this particular project to really make it better?

The job may composed of videos to post to YouTube which is the audio from the podcast series matched by incorporating relevant Powerpoint slides. They can upload these to or Traffic Geyser as well. It shows that they’re thinking of ways to go the extra mile. So you want to give those specific interview questions.

Only then do we can have, you can even say it, ‘Just to ensure we don’t get spammed with massive bids, what did you have for breakfast today?’

Another question, have you done any virtual work like this before? In that case, please provide recent examples. I usually request usually the one they’re probably the recent and most happy with.

Work related to SEO services such as this requires two different skill sets. One is communication skills, to make sure that they understand instructions and the other is more technical. It’s about screen capturing and uploading to YouTube and TubeMogul respectively.

Do not fall on the trap thinking that you can hire just one person to do everything. That is really impossible. That is why you need to really know what you need to get done in your company and hire the right people to do these tasks. You’ve have got to think about that. You want one individual to do graphics, out task that and out task over here to your video person who can do the uploading.

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You may have a dedicated virtual assistant full-time in the outsourcing team that would do the uploading task regularly. So this person takes this, passes over here, this becomes your outsourcing process, the method that you turn out tasking into outsourcing by having a process that you follow regularly.

As soon as you know the best person to do the job, always look for him when you need someone to do this specific task. That’s how the whole process gets built automatically. You turn this out task into a continuing process beginning with letting them answer virtual interview questions to choose the best person for whatever job you need to get done.

In terms of selecting the person who will be awarded the small business internet marketing job, there are three things you want to look at to select the winner. Firstly, the SS method, the self selection method. I only speak and look at people who answer the three questions I gave and self selected into the bid. Then read their feedback, look at their sample portfolio, obvious sort of thing. You want to work out who’s done it before, who does the best quality work. The biggest issue and a thing you’ve got to get mentally is, that if someone who didn’t self select in, didn’t answer the three questions, gives a brilliant outcome in their portfolio, forget them anyway.

It’s hard to do, to say, this person is perfect, they’re looking exactly right. They didn’t answer my questions. How hard is it going to be to get that end result? Did that person do that job after fifteen drafts? You don’t know how long it took to do that job. They didn’t listen to you, so why are they going to listen to you when you are working with them?

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Send them virtual interview questions as soon as you can and let them answer these. Check if they take the time to respond this way but you’ve have got to continue with the self selection method first, then continue with the rest of the hiring process.

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