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Marketing Your Practice: One Attorney to Another
February 14, 2012

You may find Marketing as an Attorney to be a daunting task, but it could very well be the one thing that could make or break your legal practice. Get to know the basic points about attorney marketing so that you can strategize better.

Can an Attorney be a Marketer, too?

So you went to law school with dreams of Law & Order. Or were you fully aware that real law practice is not really what they made it out to be in the movies and on television? I bet nowhere in those scenarios have you ever contemplated doing any marketing, have you?

All businesses or professions, the legal profession being just one example, must never forgt marketing if they hope to generate continued income and have a sufficient roster of clients.

I have been in the legal profession for years now, and I have also worked on the marketing of other legal practices. Luckily for you, I can tell you from experience that attorney marketing is, by-and-large, of a fairly low quality and standard. This is actually a good thing; why, you ask?

Because it means that your marketing does not need to be superb or incredibly expensive in order to garner more clients for your legal practice. But first, here are a few things about attorney marketing that you should know:

* Do some research first before hiring anybody to market your practice. It is not enough that you take the words of professional marketers at face value. Be specific. Even a good track record is not enough; you must make sure that they are knowledgeable about attorney marketing and that their track record also applies to that field.

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* Stay focused. It’s tempting to start out by trying to get every different type of client imaginable. It almost never works. Focus on a particular practice area, and focus on a particular geographic area. Decide on the marketing medium you will use. If you decide on print, pour your efforts into making full and effective use of it. Don’t be half-assed about it. You will find that you can set your plans into motion more easily, and thus get better results quickly if you have focus.

* Brainstorm with other attorneys. Ask them what has worked for them. Being in the same profession and “kindred spirits”, they would dole out advice when they know you need it. There are bound to be a lot of similarities between your and other lawyers’ experiences; consider those in your own situation.

There is no magic formula, but I would like to offer a few pointers…

3 Simple Tips in Marketing your Legal Practice

1. Market Online : More and more businesses turn to online marketing to increase their sales figures and customer/client base. Identify your target market, find out what they are looking for that you can specifically provide, and let them know about it through your own website. SEO firms can be instrumental in raising your rankings, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire one for SEO in New York City.

2. Go to Events : And I don’t mean just legal events. Find events that are specific to the type of industry or client that you want to serve. Insurance litigants can find clients in insurance industry events, practices specializing in medical litigation can also find potential clients in events related to the medical field, etc. Pitch your reputation and your services. What might start as casual acquaintances could lead into a lawyer-client relationship.

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3. Pro Bono : Provide free services to charity. Aside from the experience, your reputation will get a boost, and clients can be attained through referrals made by pro bono clients.

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