One thing every writer hates is having writers block in a time restricted situation. Almost all writers have dealt with it, so its nothing new, but if you find you have writers block,how you go about getting rid of it is what matters…

Move Your Body: If you’re feeling stuck mentally, the cure may be to start moving around physically. By exercising consistently, you’ll be able to better handle the periods when you have to sit and write, so it’s good to create this balance. One reason for writer’s block can be a lack of energy, and it’s not easy to write when you’re tired. If you keep yourself fit physically, then you’ll have a lot more room to think and focus. Any kind of vigorous exercise, whether it’s lifting weights or playing your favorite sport can be useful for alleviating writer’s block. You’ll find your head brimming with ideas when you come back.

Keep a Record With You: Feeling like you lack ideas is common in writers and can be great food for writer’s block. Obviously you can’t force an idea to turn up in your brain, they turn up when they feel like turning up. So why would you waste the ideas that come to you when you aren’t expecting them? Keep a basic record with you–you can put in all of those ideas that you get when you are otherwise employed like with cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. This record can act as your idea pad where you can write all those topics that you come across or that come to your mind; the more active you are with your idea generation, the better results you will get out of this method. Writing down ideas at the right time can help boost your creativity which can help you quite a lot when you are trying to work through writer’s block.

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Try Taking a Nap: There’s a difference between being It is good to take small naps when you need it, because writers block is more likely to happen when you are feeling tired and exhausted mentally. However, it is important to make sure you are getting a good nights sleep every night so that you can stay focused throughout the day. Keep in mind though that taking regular naps helps recharge your body and gives you that needed energy boost. If you’re putting regular action, then there’s no reason as to why you can’t get rid of the writer’s block whenever like never before.

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