What is At The Root of All Viral Marketing

If you want to see your viral campaign succeed, then you will need to do a lot of preparatory work before you create it. Even though there are no definite formulas to make a viral marketing campaign successful, there are many ways you can actually enhance your chances of taking your viral marketing campaign to the next level – here are a few tips for you to enhance your viral campaign.

Let’s face it; there’s no doubt about the fact that emotions sell, and people buy stuff more for emotional reasons rather than the logical ones. So if you want to sell your idea to your target audience and get it to go viral, you can actually use emotions for your advantage. People like something that touches them and has a deep impact, and they by instinct feel emotional and want to share their emotions with others.

We all have our instinctual urges that are incredibly powerful, and that is why the impact of some viral events produces the response they do. So have no wonder at all why some people are so emotional about things or why they create the kinds of videos they do.

The entire essence of viral is sharing ability, and that is critical to the success of any campaign. If you’re going to have too many barriers or steps before people are actually able to spread the word, then you’ll automatically start getting a slow response. So right from the start you should focus and work on making your viral campaigns spreadable by nature, and eliminate any unnecessary steps before someone is able to share it. The more effort the end user has to put into sharing your item, the higher are the chances that he/she would not do it. For instance, let’s say you created a free report that you want to go viral – then make it easy for your readers to spread it around by giving them a one-click-share mechanism.

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A controversy is what it is because people are talking about it – if you can create or capitalize on a conspiracy that you’ll be able to truly create a viral marketing campaign that needs no external push to spread around. It doesn’t matter how big or small the controversy is, the one that you’re focusing on, as long as it gets your target audience to talk about it, you’ll be getting closer to your goal. However, don’t just create a controversy for the heck of it – try to validate it with facts and figures so that people actually know it’s coming from a valid source.

If you want to help your self produce viral content, then learn to be a student of people and what makes them tick.

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