Two Most Inexpensive Options for Making a Business Card Stand Out

Let’s face it…

There are a lot of ways to be sure your business card stands out.

There are original materials such as plastic, silk cards, wood, and metal. There is embossing and die-cutting. There are 3D cards. DVD business cards. And a lot of other options too.

So why do so many people pick run of the mill cards?

They’re the least expensive.

Think about it – business cards often are perceived as one of the most cost effective and inexpensive marketing pieces available to a business. The thing is, as soon as you go with die cutting, foil stamping, and printing on unique materials, your cost can climb from a handful of cents per card… to a quarter… to literally a dollar or more for each.

That’s a pretty significant difference, wouldn’t you agree? For many that level of investment definitely makes good sense. But that’s not always the case.

The same could be argued for men and women using their business cards to land jobs, or for large companies who need business cards for departments full of employees. In both of these instances, it’s valuable to have good, professional looking business cards, but anything beyond that – such as expensive design, special effects, and other add-ons – may be prohibitively expensive.

Is there an easier, more affordable option for standing out?

Sure is. There are a few ways actually.

One of the best is by adding raised printing to your business cards.

Raised print business cards are much like typical business cards other than the fact that both the text and logo are raised above the rest, giving it both a unique look and feel.

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Most business cards have no texture which is why raised ink printing is a very classy choice that can certainly impress. It’s a characteristic well suited to say, an attorney, a tax professional, or a doctor.

Best of all, raised print is a cost effective option that requires no extra design skills at all. You merely need to locate a print shop that offers it. Otherwise, it’s designed the same way as any other.

Yet another affordable way to be sure your business card stand out is to choose a more professional, more unique paper stock to print on. It’s such a simple, but oft overlooked option (possibly because few of the big online printing companies seem to make it available).

Opting instead for a linen, parchment, or recycled card stock can give your card a a unique and professional look and feel, that most cards don’t have.

This too is a distinguishing characteristic that requires no time or effort and with the right printer, little to no added investment either.

For only a moderate premium you might also check out small shape alterations including round corners or folded business cards.

There are other attention-grabbing choices as well, such as metal, wood, plastic, silk laminated paper or letterpress, but these often come up with significant added expense.

So if you’re looking for a professional business card that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg, consider raised print or a recycled, linen, or marbled card stock. It is an easy choice that can give you the uniqueness and professionalism you’re after, with little to no additional effort, time, and expense of other available business card varieties.

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