The Best Ways To Use SEO To Get More Exposure For Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has been around for quite a while now, but the way it has scaled and reached the 500 million member mark is astounding. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and if you aren’t leveraging this resource you are missing out. By creating a Facebook fan page where people can interact, you can easily join the Facebook craze and start expanding your business. You have to keep driving traffic regularly to your fan page, though, if you want people joining up every day. You can achieve this by doing a little SEO on your page which will drive organic traffic to your fan page. This article will provide you with a few easy tips to help you grow your fan base.

One quick and easy tip that you can use to raise your page rank for your Facebook fan page is to get as many inbound links to the page as possible. So the same rules apply to the fan page, i.e. the more inbound links you have to your page, the higher will be the chances of getting a stronger pagerank. You create more inbound links by using “find us on Facebook” buttons on your site. Besides that, the Fan Box widget for your fan page includes a backlink to your page, which makes it perfect for backlinking.

When you first build your page, you will find that there are a few default areas where your visitors can land. One issue, though, is that these areas don’t offer too many alternatives other than links, information and the wall. You can go beyond this by installing the FBML application, which will allow you to add additional tabs/boxes where you can place more optimized content. Thus, you can set up a larger number of boxes with additional text, images and links. The benefit to you is that your general content score will increase. What benefits can you see from an SEO point of view? The chances of Google noticing your fan page increase.

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Lastly, make sure you are showing courtesy by thanking everyone who becomes your page’s fan. When someone finds your page by using the search engines, make sure you thank them as soon as possible. You could even offer your new fans a coupon or e-book if you really want your thank you to mean something. Don’t forget to offer a quick message that thanks them.

You should now see just how much potential Facebook fan pages have when it comes to getting as much exposure as possible. By optimizing your page, it will be easy to get plenty of traffic and sales so that you succeed where you never thought you would. You don’t need to do everything at once, as a little bit at a time is enough to really get you great search engine results. If you give it time, your fan page will suddenly be at the top page before you know it.

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