Taking a Professional Approach to Article Marketing

Article marketing has undergone some significant changes in the last couple of years, with Google becoming stricter about ranking sites. Until the recent search engine updates, you had a couple of choices when it came to article marketing. Basically you had those who chose syndication and the greater percentage who marketed at directories to get immediate search engine ranking. But now, the latter is no longer a valid form of article marketing, not only that but you really have to focus on providing high quality content with your articles.

As an article marketer, you have to figure out how many words your articles should contain. A typical article is generally about five hundred words, though many directories allow them to be a little shorter. A long article is one that approaches a thousand words, in some cases even longer. In general, you’ll do better by writing and submitting longer articles. Longer articles are more likely to get syndicated, as websites would rather publish content that has more information. It’s also more beneficial to publish longer articles to your own blog, as the search engines will tend to rank these articles more highly. If you want to really find some things to write about, then use alert functions like what Google has, and then insert your keywords. At that point you sit back and wait for all the goodies to appear in your inbox. With this method you only have to maybe summarize the news, and then you can provide a link if you want. Everybody loves news, and that is all this is about – providing niche news to your audience. This approach is for your site, only, and you can get all kinds of search traffic from it, too.

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If you have a hard time with ideas to write about, then this paragraph is for you. But, for now, you can go to any well-known ecommerce site and punch in your keywords. Two obvious examples are Amazon and eBay, and you can find tons of article topic ideas. There are tons of topical ideas residing in your big keyword list, and that is a very good back-up and way to do this, too. The entire world is full of content, and it does not matter what your niche market is, you can find this information. The content writing ideas and strategies outlined in this article are very easy to produce. But if you stop and think about them for a moment, you will see that they are not used by many article marketers. So then you will begin to have content and articles that are distinctive. That is where the real power comes into play, you will be seen in a much different perspective by your audience.

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