Social Media List Building For Small Business

Here is a quick simple Small Business List Building method that I have demonstrated to perform with both offline and online enterprises with regard to developing a strong social rapport with clients while they buy something.

At the point of purchase make sure you ask your customer if they’re on Facebook, or Twitter, Consider it an up-sell. Though it’s actually list building as well as client relationship management.

See if they really want a bonus offer or x% discount on what they are getting right now… by “liking” or “following” you (make it valuable for them) these people are letting you inside their personal space if they follow you.

Assuming that they respond yes.

You can easily just give them a coupon code, have them become a “friend” and mail a direct message, or send an e-mail which includes the code to gain access to a rebate.

One of the best ways we are finding to get this to succeed is to have the individual that is completing the transaction with the client to possess their own personal accounts in which ever social media platforms your clients are making use of. What this does is brings about an extension of the rapport with the individual they did business with. It tends to be more effective and deliver a more friendly involved encounter.

For anybody who is doing business face-to-face, a much more reliable way is to pull out a mobile device once the verbal commitment is received from the client. At that time inform your client if they want to actually login right now, “I can take the % right off the top of the sale as an alternative to having to contend with a mail in rebate as well as all of the additional stuff”.

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Important note: if your business is internet based take your client to the proper web page on your site and practice the same approach either with live customer care or with a video clip or audio recording.

While you’re talking with your client make certain you delicately make them aware that you are on Social Media to be connected to the things “valued consumers like you want” not to mention give special deals and perks to show our appreciation… and other fantastic things like that.

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