Is it Possible to Find Free Business Cards plus Free Shipping?

Business cards are among the most commonly encountered and universal marketing tools in the world. Practicallylevery single business owner will keep some in his/her wallet. Practically every single shop has a bunch of them available right as the client walk in. Plus larger businesses print heaps for every staff member.

It’s no surprise, every single day lots of people run to the net to design business cards.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t always that way. In the “old days”, folks would walk into their neighborhood printer, look at several templates and card choices, supply the printer their contact details, and would leave with a bunch of new cards.

The opportunity for getting them at no cost couldn’t really occur in that scenario.

It undoubtedly can right now. Because printing is more affordable with quantity, and many of the leading web sites can easily produce volumes Significantly beyond that of a hometown printer, some web based printers set about offering free or nearly cost-free cards to bring potential customers in.

So for example the company may offer up 500 free business cards and charge just s&h.

A key reason they are able to do this, is quite simply, repeat business.

That’s because, when you get something produced by them, you may come back when you need post cards, or envelopes, or lots of other consumer or business products they offer.

Plus who knows? You might re-order cards before long as well.

You might even tell some friends about the deal and they will order as well!

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Essentially, the complimentary cards are actually just a smart “loss leader” to help them in getting their foot in the door. Once they do, they stand to earn a customer that may keep coming back continuously for several years.

And don’t forget, most of these printers charge handling and shipping on these purchases, helping them make back a lot of the printing costs. In some cases, they may even earn money on the order! Just imagine – earning money by giving something away for free!

Other printers — either unable or not willing to give up cards free — make available free shipping instead. These deals may feature more in terms of caliber, service, or add-ons.

Now you might be thinking, “Is it possible to pick up free business cards free shipping?”

In some cases, you can!

That’s proved to be an excellent method for companies to get pr, often through press announcements that go around the web on weblogs and web 2.0 web sites.

The downside is this : these offers go super fast. To restrict their financial exposure, these discounts are primarily marketed to a somewhat limited number of prospects. Find out reasonably early… and you’ve got a good shot. There’s a component of luck and timing involved.

On rare occasion, a printer will hold these promotions open to obtain loyalty, but ordinarily the volume of cards they are willing to offer to every customer for nothing is somewhat small.

The deal you should hang around for all will depend on what you require.

The bottom line is that price conscious customers can get some pretty awesome deals! So keep an eye out for them!

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