Improving Website Crawl Rates

Internet marketers who’ve been around the block a time or two know just how important it is to get piles of free traffic to your site from Google. Google is a fickle beast sometimes but another way to consistently generate an even greater amount of traffic, at no cost to you, is by improving the rate at which your site is crawled by the search engine giant. Some sites are crawled every other day, while the others don’t see the bots visiting for weeks together. You can use many methods to improve traffic but improving crawl rates for your site needs to be one you place a premium on.

Believe it or not, a slow loading page can slow the rate of return for search engine spiders. If you want Google bots to give your site some serious attention then you’re going to have to make sure they feel welcome and invited in quickly by boosting the load time for your pages. There are several things you can do to accomplish this. Eliminating any images on your site that are unnecessary can greatly reduce the page load time. Reducing the page load time for your site with common sense tactics like this can get your site a lot more attention from Google and the other major search engines.

Never indulge in blackhat SEO techniques. That’s all she wrote on that. Ethical search engine optimization is far more greater than any blackhat SEO method out there. The downside of a blackhat solution is that the search engines don’t respond well to this type of marketing and the results it providers can never be sustained for any major length of time. There are short term gains to be made from blackhat tactics but they are not worth the risk. In the end, search engines tend to punish those that practice these methods with dismally slow crawl rates. Things like doorway pages, invisible text, and keyword stuffing are some of the blackhat methods that can land your website in a lot of hot water with Google. Just focus your efforts on proper SEO and you will automatically increase your site’s crawl rate.

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You should never include materials on your site that are plagiarized as this could result in stiff penalties from the search engines. Google in particular despises it. But it’s best to go one step further and not even reuse content from other sources – even if they are yours – so that your website content is completely unique. At Google, the wages of duplicate content is steep and often includes a reduced page rank. With recent changes in the algorithm at Google there have been harsher consequences for sites that are using “rehashed” or copied content. Make sure the content is not only original but is also value oriented.

Are you ready to take on the simple task of boosting your website’s crawl rate? Once you work on this one area, you’ll see an increase in the traffic that you’re receiving from Google, and your new pages get indexed much faster. Now is the perfect time to get started so that you can see for yourself what a difference it will make to your sites.

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