Helicopter Banners Offer Marketing with Maximum Attention

Helicopter advertising banners are a type of aerial advertising in which banners created of light but very durable material are towed by helicopters through the air. The banners carry logos which are simulated from vector graphics or raster logos, that are reproduced and enlarged. The usual sizes of the banners range from 5,000 to forty five thousand square ft or equal to 4,200 square meters.

To balance the weight of a helicopter banner on its other side, weight is placed in the lead so that the banner is stretched and so the image becomes clearly visible underneath. The weight prevents distortion and curving in the image, making the banner to preserve a straight outline. Keeping the banner in correct form and shape is important to keep it more legible and also to maintain the contour in the image complete and intact. To make the image constant towards the viewers’ eyes, designers use a method by curving the form within the front side to by some means adjust for whatever disfigurement or twisting might happen when the banner is up in the air.

Towing the helicopter banner is completed by attaching the banner to some rope, which is then tied to the helicopter. To keep the banner from flying out in any direction, a deadweight containing silica sand is placed around the opposite end. With the weight, the banner is stabilized on each end. Based on the size, a helicopter banner normally weighs a maximum of 60 to 170 kilograms. They are set at one hundred fifty ft below the helicopter and it then flies at a consistent pace of 52 kilometers per hour. At times, the helicopter is made to hover at a steady position on a particular area to show the banner for a time period to spectators.

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Helicopter advertising banners are said to be ideal in attaining effective advertising coverage and therefore are utilized for football games, concerts, festivals and seashore activities. It is number 1 in maximum recall and is also very useful in boosting other ads with other media like tv, radio, and print and lately, the web. The dimensions of the banners is very important because its visibility and impact is totally impacted by how readable and visible they are towards the viewers. Other than the size of the banner, the color and background in the graphics also play a big part in its prominence on the horizon.

Most helicopter banners are digitally enhanced and computer generated. Nonetheless you’ll find banners which are hand-made. These kinds of graphics and letters are sewn to the banner. The latter approach is far more tough in which the banners last longer and can be reused a number of times, nonetheless digitally enhanced banners are less difficult to develop.

Before a helicopter banner may be flown, aviation clearances must first be secured. Ordinarily, there ought to be approval by aviation authorities for the security of the deadweight utilized within the banner before it can be provided a permit for flying.

In closing, here is a video to provide a visual…

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