Expanding Your Enterprise Through Facebook Marketing

Facebook has gathered above 800 million users around the globe. These people mingle and interconnect with each other, transcending geographical locations and time zones. This reason alone is sufficient for every business to consider casting their lots on Facebook marketing. It pays to have a strong base of clients made through social networks. In the case of Starbucks, it has garnered more than 27 million followers and maybe still counting as of this writing since they made their Facebook page. They are not the only one who has written success stories but many other popular brands as well. Yours will be no different.

Success stories, they have been heard over and over from different enterprises, big and small, from all sectors. And most of them give Facebook the credit for it. It’s fast, cost-efficient and not to mention effective.

Firms can take the first step through creating their own Facebook page. They would choose the proper category and commence the page in a few seconds. From there, they can enumerate products and services that they offer. They can also make announcements of events through posting status. Upload good photos, videos and links to their websites in order to maximize the promotional opportunity. Make your page interesting to give your prospects a reason to press that “like” button. This will then allow them to receive news and alerts from your page and convince their friends to check out your page.

Facebook also recommends pages for users to like based on their friends “likes”. It is a very powerful feature to spread your followers across the world. Businesses must keep the fan page updated every day and create buzz to keep the interest alive. You can have a holistic strategy and team for managing Facebook and other social tools. Facebook also offers a feature called “Market place” where you can list your products and services for customers to buy. For example, Delta airlines offer innovative method to check flight status, checkin and reservation offers through Facebook. Airlines like KLM are on the process of rolling out features based on your social habits to select your seating with co-passenger who has similar likes and interests. There are new level of business models are evolving to entice the customers and offer excellent customer experience.

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Here are some of the advantages that you may have when you started a page and tried Facebook marketing.
1. Leveraging your page in Facebook contributes well in generating more profits. This is mainly die to the fact that the administrative and overhead expenses will be lessened due to reduced manpower.
2. Facebook marketing strategies allow creativity and innovation. These are what you need to boost your promotional efforts; going together with your traditional marketing stunts.
3. Your page can also be a platform where you may promote your advocacy which will in turn, develop your image both online and offline.
4. Give discounts, special offers and coupons to your page. This will give you a hand in attracting users to make a purchase of your products.
5. Whether you are a multinational company or a small-sized firm, you can have easy access on Facebook. In addition, it is accessible in numerous languages; hence, enabling you to attract customers here and abroad.
6. Generation of traffic is a must in the online world and Facebook can help you with just that. Sharing photos, liking and recommending pages have been a breeze. The links between your facebook page and your website are powerful tools to be heard.
7. Facebok’s mobile connectivity and its apps helps you connect to more people even when they have left their computers at home.

Summing it all up, Facebook marketing offers wide array of solutions to market your services and products as you mingle with its wide number of members located all over the globe. Make marketing and enlivening of your page also your daily habit to make your business grow.

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Article by Cliff Schubert of QuantumMarketer, who is a specialist in online marketing. For more information on marketing small business and dentists marketing, visit his site today.

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