Electronic Social Media Offers Pertinent Small Business Marketing Ideas

There are quite a few small business marketing ideas floating around today, but none can beat the electronic social media networks in that. Indeed, if you are a small business house looking for international exposure at an affordable rate, you can use them to fulfill your dream. However, just as in real-time media, here too you need to be a little discrete about the sites you choose. At least make sure your product is compatible to the need of the account holders who visit the pages regularly.

At our fingertips and just a click away now are different types of social media networks. Basically, these are classified as

• Professional networks are the ones, which primarily cater to the needs of professional people. They not only help one to rediscover old friends and colleagues, but also to make new acquaintances. One generally uses such sites to make contact with various people who share the same interest and exchange ideas with them.

• Social networks. These are the most varied and numerous, with networks offering connections from old schoolmates to lost family members, and even random strangers with similar interests. These can be seen from dating sites, singles clubs, single-parent networks, job-seeker sites and just about anything and everything that can link one person to another.

• There are also social sites, meant solely for certain categories of people. These sites do provide a platform for social exchange, but in addition to that, they also provide information and updates concerning such group. These sites are very popular and you can get quite good return if you place the advertisement on relevant site.

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These social media networks alone can be the starting point for the small business to begin marketing itself. Just as rumors and gossips once ruled society, determined its values and almost destroyed individuals in the process, word of mouth of a person’s business venture can help make a business get off to a good start. After all, at the end of the day, the best advertisement we can ever have is the endorsement of the majority. So, having public acceptance of our products or services is probably the best publicity we can imagine.

Unfortunately, this works out for the opposite too, albeit on a slightly minimized level. Negative feedback and comments on social media groups may not impact greatly immediately but can have long-term effects, as these comments can come back to haunt us again and again. We have seen it many times – a photo taken in the spur of a stupid moment or a service staff caught on tape taking out her bad day on a customer. These are little moments that can be replayed and talked about over and over, even after many years.

The best, and indeed only, way to combat this is to ensure no such moments ever happen or, at the very least, publicized.

Article by Cliff Schubert of QuantumMarketer, who is a specialist in online marketing. For more information on small business marketing idea and marketing for dentist, visit his site today.

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