Critical Thoughts – Do You Recall How Print Services Once Were?

Is it not incredible how the humble printer has come on so far inside of a generation or more? Previously it was a strictly functional device that more often than not appeared to stop working in the midst of an important job plus they used to take up a considerable amount of space, also. A few of those older designs were simply enormous, cumbersome and would make use of a great deal of energy. Remember how frequently you would need to call the specialist out to try to repair that lumbering beast?

As time went by the dimensions of these printers dropped and their associated quality began to rise. No longer did you need to rely on dot matrix, but laser started to be more mainstream and then – gasp – top quality colour printing was provided by a machine that one could put on the surface of any desk!

Nonetheless, there was still a feeling that you weren’t being totally logical, creative or fiscally astute in terms of your print services. You might have had the impulse to do-it-yourself, but were you really obtaining the high quality you deserved and truly using your own time productively?

The field of print & design has indeed advanced even more as opposed to those days. Now, managed print services are the strategy to use. By using cloud technology and our amazing connectivity, you can – with the click of your mouse – deliver even the more intricate jobs to a proficient, offsite, print management company and get the final result transported to wherever it has to be, rapidly and competently.

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We are rapidly learning that outsourcing is definitely the path to take for most functions that we would earlier have laboured away at in-house. Print and design is certainly one of those areas and there is no need for anybody inside the business to have to undertake such a steep learning curve to try and produce a significant job anymore.

There are destined to be far more enhancements in this field in the near future. In the end, managed print services ought to be simply an extension of your current functionality.

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