Cheap Leaflet Printing: It All Starts With Effective Design

Internet advertising made widespread but affordable advertising possible, but classical advertising is not lost in the quagmire. In fact, many companies, both big and small, still utilize classical media such as leaflets to effectively advertise their products, ideas, services, and information.

Cheap leaflet printing is surely a great way to reach out to your audience. How effective your leaflet is in communicating to your audience depends primarily on how it is designed. Here are several things that you should take into consideration when making the layout of your own leaflet.

1. Observe and follow the natural movement or flow of your eyes.
For most people, the instinctive way of reading or scanning a page is to start from the top left of the page then move from left to right until they the bottom is reached. With this in mind, you must place the most essential information at the top left portion of the page and move gradually downwards.

2. Keep it simple and easy to read.
Readers do not like to read heavy and laborious texts. Therefore, use short sentences or phrases. Break ideas into bullets or numbers, most especially if you are trying to display difficult ideas. Opt for a simple font and easily understandable words.

3. Avoid overlapping text and illustrations.
Dark-colored text must be placed over a light-colored background. Doing so allows the reader’s eyes to isolate and identify lines and forms. Overlapping text and images is very exhaustive to read.

4. Use attention-grabbing graphics, images, and illustrations.
Properly designed, colors and images attract your readers. Opt for graphics, images, and other visuals that powerfully display what you are trying to convey. Set aside a section in your flyer for these visual tools.

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5. Create an interesting offer.
An offer such as a rebate or extra will surely draw in customers who consider what you are offering as a a way to enhance their lives.

6. Include your contact information.
Ensure that you place your phone number, mailing address, e-mail address, chat username, and all other contact information that will allow your audience to easily contact you.

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