A Few Lessons on The Art of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has been around for a long time now, and with the advent of the social web, it’s become even more widespread. But of course even if it can be challenging, people still put a lot of time and effort into viral marketing for their various businesses. So let’s talk about how to approach this thing called viral marketing.

Why is the Apple iPhone so successful and has teens going crazy over it? Simply because it’s cool. If you really want to understand a phenomenon like the iPhone, just analyze the emotional appeal is has on people. You really have to nail people over the head with overwhelming emotional response and desires. If your campaign or product, or whatever, is sincerely flat – then you have to go back to the drawing board and make something happen. Even make is outrageous, if you can, and then of course you actually have to be able to deliver on the promise.

The entire essence of viral is sharing ability, and that is critical to the success of any campaign. If you’re going to have too many barriers or steps before people are actually able to spread the word, then you’ll automatically start getting a slow response. So right from the start you should focus and work on making your viral campaigns spreadable by nature, and eliminate any unnecessary steps before someone is able to share it. The more effort the end user has to put into sharing your item, the higher are the chances that he/she would not do it. For instance, let’s say you created a free report that you want to go viral – then make it easy for your readers to spread it around by giving them a one-click-share mechanism.

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Viral marketing can be done in a limited way with something like the IM niche where you can create ebooks that can be passed around, etc. If you like an environment that has no structure or regulations, then viral marketing is for you. What you have to look forward to is a lot of work, a lot of marketing and failing perhaps all the time. There is much more to it that have to do with your individual make-up and ability to ignore failure. This not only applies to your new viral ideas, but also the old ones that didn’t work, which could be redesigned and re-launched.

One thing about viral marketing, be careful how you brand your self so you are taken seriously by your audience. You can improve your expertise in this area with solid study and experience.

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