How To Utilize Bum Marketing Effectively To Drive Visitors To Your Site
September 2, 2011

Since it only takes a few days to start seeing a profit, even if you start today, bum marketing is a great way for people who are just starting out to make money online. However, you still find a lot of aspiring Internet marketers struggling to make bum marketing work, and this is due to various reasons. In this article we will be looking at how one can make a profit from bum marketing.

Perhaps you get the idea to get into online dating and promote the Match.com affiliate program. To take advantage of bum marketing, you need to write an informative Match.com review and track your visits with a tracking script like Clicky.

It’s In the Numbers: If you want to succeed with bum marketing you have to understand that it’s a numbers game which means that you need to write tons of articles regularly so you can send traffic to your offers all the time. The niche you are targeting is irrelevant because you simply need to write articles around different keywords and you need to do it in large numbers. You can’t write 2 or 3 articles a week, submit them and expect to have loads of visitors and sales coming in. Dedication is essential because you have to create a lot of articles. You will find that the most successful bum marketers tend to have hundreds of articles online that generate a lot of targeted traffic together because they each rank for a particular keyword and send a few visitors which all add up.

Have an Interest in the Niche: You want the niche you are targeting to be interesting to you so don’t pick any old product to market but something you like. The product you choose to promote will be decided by the type of niche research you do and if you opt for a niche you have no knowledge of or find to be uninteresting, then you are going to have a pretty tough time writing articles for it. You have to concentrate on picking only niches that you have a connection with. Don’t target a niche just because it has products that pay high commissions because you need to focus on more than money. The easier it is for you to write about a particular niche market, the more articles you’ll be able to produce for your bum marketing campaigns.

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Avoid General Articles: The internet has many articles targeting different audiences and different subjects. When you are in bum marketing, it is imperative that you stick to articles that offer concrete information that can be used in the moment. In other words, the content should be actionable so that your readers are able to get something out of them. You don’t want to write general articles that provide overviews of various topics because they don’t offer any solutions. You want your audience to read and act on your content so they get the most benefits possible which will get them to check out your website.

Your articles have to offer your audience value because it’s the only way to achieve long term success with bum marketing.

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