How to Transcribe A YouTube Video

YouTube automatically transcribes most of the videos as soon as they are uploaded. On the other hand, you may want to upload your own article as it is SEO friendly. Also, you may see a video that you like on YouTube and you want to insert it into your post along with the transcription of the video. In this post, I’ll show you five (5) ways to get YouTube video transcriptions for free.

How to Transcribe A YouTube Video: Use the automated service on YouTube

Copy and paste the YouTube transcript from the YouTube video itself. Go to YouTube channel -> Click on the video manager -> Click edit on the video that you wish to transcribe -> Click Subtitle & CC at the top of the video editor -> switch to automatic and you’ll see the automatic subscription by the left-hand side of the video. So as you play the video, you’ll see the transcribed information on the YouTube video. You can also edit each and every slide of the video. It helps you rank in the search engines. Click on publish once you’re done.

You can also download the audio transcript from YouTube and edit it

Click English automatic then click the actions drop-down box
Select .vtt .srt or .sbv I’ll select .srt
Here’s a transcription of your video content
Select all and paste it into a text file and just edit out the numbers
After you’ve finished editing the transcript simply upload it to YouTube.

How to Transcribe A YouTube Video: Use Google Voice

Make sure you use the Google Chrome Browser and log into google docs.
Click “start a new document”
Go to tools – voice typing – click to speak
As you speak the words will appear on the screen
It may not be exactly as you see in the video but you can always edit it later then upload the
transcript once you’ve finished.

How to Transcribe A YouTube Video: Transcribe it yourself

Click add new titles or CC
Click “upload a file” add your transcript or choose a file from your computer
Alternatively, click “transcribe” and auto-sync and just select all the text that you’ve transcribed Copy it and paste it into the box
Click “set timings”
Wait a few minutes
Click “English setting timings” and here is your transcription
Click “publish”
Now you’ll see two green buttons and you can also check the subtitles.
You’ll see the captions playing below the video

How to Transcribe A YouTube Video: Pay someone else to do it for you

Go to Rev.com and go down to transcription where it says a dollar per minute. Convert audio or video to text..here is a list of other captioning Services or you can also use capturing software. My favorite place to go when I have a lot of videos to transcribe is Fiverr. Fiverr offers one of the cheapest services on the planet. You’ll find people who are ready to take your orders and get the ball rolling asap.

Conclusion and suggestions

I like watching YouTube videos with captions turned on, and I can confirm that YouTube automatic captions is really good and makes very little mistakes. Even videos with minor background noise are transcripted with great accuracy.

Of course, if you don’t want to make edits in your transcription or correct punctuations, then you can always pay a professional to do it for you. On a website like Fiverr, you can get an hour’s worth of video transcripted for just $20.

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