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One notable modern marketing means in the internet today is called Market Samurai. This is one of the ruling marketing techniques on the internet these days. Market Samurai is a versatile instrument that lets you do a lot of things at one time. What’s great about Market Samurai is we no longer have to keep on updating it ourselves like how we do it with other software because it is programmed to update itself without harming anything in our computer. This is also built in Adobe Air which makes it compatible with almost any computer platforms including Mac, Linux and PC. It also comes with other equally great features. Let us discuss each of the cool features Market Samurai has.

Rank Checking Assistance

This is the unit in this software that can help you keep track of your rankings in various search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. It will also enable you learn your ranking position in SERPs, PageRank and even backlinks. Other than that fact, this program will also let you deal with numerous jobs in one go. It makes it simple enough for you to manage each project without having to keep on opening and closing each one of them just to look at another one.

Keyword Research

This is where you can be given a lot of great choices for related keywords that can be the best of help to you. All you have to do is enter the seed keyword and you will be given a list of top keywords used in many directories. Through Market Samurai, you will learn a lot of useful information about SEO and the PPC competition, SEO and it’s relation to AdWords traffic, it’s commercial viability and a lot more.

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SEO Competition

This feature is a great bonus to this program that can’t be found anywhere else. The reason is because it gives you a careful in-depth evaluation. With this kind of feature, you will be more than capable to review different data like domain age, backlinks, page rankings, keyword metrics and cache information, among others.


If you want to find other sites connected or the same as yours, this is what you are going to use. This would help you pre-screen offers through certain parameters such as keywords, language, categories and commission.


This is one of the new features of the software. It can be a big help in finding out which domain names are already available to be used again.

Find Content

In a nutshell, this helps you look for useful content from high-ranking blog and article directories, even news sites and social media like Flickr and Youtube.

Publish Content

This is already combined with WordPress, meaning it can be used for publishing purposes. You can even control your WordPress account by means of this very handy feature.

These are only the most basic functions of the Market Samurai. But so far, the SEO Research tool would substantially be its best key feature. Market Samurai will prove to be a very invaluable marketing tool once you start to use it. No doubt, you would probably settle for this.

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