The Fantastic Market Samurai Features

One of the most important marketing tools today is Market Samurai. It is definitely the most used marketing strategies in the cyberworld. This is actually a multipurpose tool which enables you to accomplish lots of things. We may be aware of how rapid and constant different software used to update itself but with Market Samurai you don’t have to worry about staying updated because this is especially equipped with an auto-update feature. This is also built in Adobe Air which makes it compatible with almost any computer platforms including Mac, Linux and PC. It is also designed with other amazing features. Let’s know more about the others as we progress.

Support in Rank Checking

This is the unit in this software that can help you keep track of your rankings in various search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. It will also enable you learn your ranking position in SERPs, PageRank and even backlinks. Aside from that, using this software would also allow you to manage several projects at a time. This makes it so much easier to handle and oversee each project than open each one of them individually.

Keyword Research

This is where you can be given a lot of great choices for related keywords that can be the best of help to you. The only thing that you need to do is put in the seed keyword and you will automatically be given a list of the most significant words and phrases from several directories. Through it, you are also able to learn other information about keywords such as SEO and PPC competition, SEO and AdWords traffic, commercial viability and many more.

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Search Engine Optimization Competition

This feature is a great bonus to this program that can’t be found anywhere else. The reason is because it gives you a careful in-depth evaluation. With it, you are entirely capable of analyzing vital data such as domain age, Page Rank, types of backlinks, keyword metrics and as well as cache information.


When you are looking up for other affiliates, you may utilize this module. This would help you pre-screen offers through certain parameters such as keywords, language, categories and commission.


This is one of the new features of the software. It can be a big help in finding out which domain names are already available to be used again.

Find Content

Basically, this lets you find contents in some of the biggest article and blog directories, social media such as YouTube and Flickr and as well as in news sites.

Publish Content

It is integrated with WordPress and you can eventually use this as a publishing tool. Managing the content on your WordPress account is just made easier by using Publish Content.

Those are just some of the basic features of Market Samurai. However, its SEO research module would considerably be its strongest feature. You would definitely find this software a very useful tool in marketing. No doubt, you would probably settle for this.

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