Strategic Internet Marketing For New Small Online Businesses

Regardless of whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’ve got systems running in your business, so the real key to what we should look at doing, is becoming conscious of the types of strategic internet marketing systems we use. A guy called Richard Bandler set up something called NLP which is neuro linguistic programming. I went over to the States and went to Florida to see a seminar with Richard because I love his work. I got very interested in it very early on, about ten years ago.

I began to be controlled by lots of his MP3s. I quickly put a target on my mind. I said, I’m likely to go train with this particular guy. I want to study with someone, I like to gain more knowledge directly from the source. You will find a lot of interesting things this way plus it just gets filtered down. Personally now I can say that I have learned these valuable lessons in studying this through the years.

And so I went to Richard Bandler’s seminar. One of many valuable stories he told was about how sound business systems work today. He used a very good example. He compared good spellers to bad spellers. One type of person spells a word by trying to sound out the words. They’ll sit there and say c-a-t. That actually works effectively for simple words. Then when you try to make that word slightly longer or even a tiny bit more difficult, sounding out doesn’t work anymore. It’s an ineffective system for most people.

He also interviewed a lot of kids. He went to one of those spelling bees and asked the top spellers their methods of spelling these difficult terms. See the relationship of what he did in learning techniques? Whether you are conscious of strategic internet marketing or not, these small business internet marketing systems are happening by doing small and simple tasks. He asked these good spellers for techniques, he did this because he wants to know what works for these people. He wants to know these things directly from the source.

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All the kids told him that they visualize the term, the target word. They do it so they can see the letters. So their system for spelling was much more of a visual thing. They remember fondly the word, they have the term, they see the visual then they repeat what it is that they could see. They don’t try to sound out, they read it as they are able to view it. Often they could spell the word successfully using these systems. You can also apply the same technique in your business by using strategic internet marketing system, a different way on how you can further promote your business and take it to the next level.

It is very worthwhile to do, especially if you learn these things directly from Richard Bandler. Another tip he shared is to go around those who do things well in your SEO services business and ask them for tips on how to do these well so you can learn from it. An example of it is asking military personnel and olympic shooters on how to shoot better. Always remember that when thinking about improving your business today, do not forget to use effective systems, continuously improve on them and learn valuable lessons from these successful people if the need arises.

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