Search Engine Secrets : How To Get Updated Online

One of the search engine secrets that will keep you on top of things is to use Google Alerts. With Google Alerts basically you are able to log in and find a couple of alerts. You have some keywords that you watch. So any time my name or Melbourne SEO services is mentioned on Google and Google indexes something, I’ll get an email at the end of the day, here are all the times that your name has been mentioned.

This is an easy way for me as an internet marketing consultant or as a search engine optimization specialist to be updated and receive notifications. If someone who knows me mentions my name, I will be alerted right away. Then, I will visit his site or blog and post a comment. This is a good way for me to start engaging with another person. This is engaging with your users and the specific people making web content for you. Can you imagine the advantage of that?

Google Alerts is also one of the search engine secrets that I use to track spam keywords from my clients. This makes me see which the porn or Viagra spam comment on their blogs. All you have to do is do a site URL and terms. This shall show you where the site has been indexed. I recommend that you get Google Alerts now if you are still not a user of it. You can use it in so many ways to be updated on what is transpiring in your immediate community and for you to be able to feed back some information to them. This is an excellent way to present yourself as an expert.

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What I use at the moment are the search engine tools like Google Reader and Google Alerts. They are means for me to consume all my much-needed information. I keep in touch with my target market through commenting and creating industry podcasts that I post in my sites. ‘This Week in Tech’ is what I find very helpful about technology.

So this is how I actually do it. Firstly I use Twitter for up to the minute, here’s exactly what I’m doing. This is something I learned from Perry Belcher. He talks about the idea of, in social media, you want to approach it like the party principle. Social media, these are social places where people are going to gather. You don’t want to go there and hard sell people in this social media space. You’ll get backlash and that’s not what they’re there for, it’s engaging.

As one of the best search engine secrets online business owners like you and me could have, I use it for up to the minute things. I try come up with up to the minute material by taking photos which I later post on Twitter. Afterwards, these photos will post on my other web 2.0 things. Once I have free books and audios, I post them on Twitter just like the soft sell material I have got for my SEO products. It is just have to be soft sell. No hard selling. In other words, for a start you just have to give things away and not just plainly tell them here is a new sales letter of mine for you to read.

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