Relevant KEYWORD Suggestions – What Google Wants

If you were setting up an Adwords account and were going to bid on, for example, migraines and you were bidding on the term migraine and you are showing a physio ad. Google is going to assert, well, is that actually going to help the user get the finest experience? If they want results for headache potentially, but keyword suggestions like physio is not applicable to migraine.

You wish to think from Google’s perspective. Are they thinking that migraine is a term that is relevant to physio? They’ll probably say no. It is not someone sitting there saying yes, it’s topical, no it is not. It is a PC and routines, so it’s obviously not so much human interaction.

Would Google penalize this or would they applaud and reward it? So if you’re bidding on the term headache, are they going to penalize you for bidding on headache or are they going to say, congratulations, you are doing the honest thing and reward you? Most likely they’ll penalize you and charge you more as the quality score isn’t going to be there, due to the relevance and so the click through rate. They will up your bids.

Based mostly on some internet marketing reviews, your maximum cost per click may be 50c, you can potentially pay only 30c a click. That is your maximum bid, it doesn’t mean you may pay that. You may only pay 1c more than the individual that is number 2. If number two is only bidding 30c and you’re bidding 50c, they won’t charge you 50c, they’ll only charge you 31c. It’s all that algorithm in there.

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People say, what if I do this, how is this going to work? If you go through Google Adwords tutorial, there are three questions to keep in mind regarding landing page quality, click through rate and relevance, that will pretty much answer what will Google do? Google, may it be Google places, is trying to give the user the best experience. Would they reward you and reduce your click through rate by having the right keyword in the advert and on the landing page? Of course they are giving the user a better experience. They’ll reward you and drop the cost per click. If you’re doing something a bit shady, they’ll slap you.

If you, for example, bid on hotel reservations as an example and sent traffic to Hampton physio, they’ll cancel that keyword suggestions and say not relevant. They’ll let you bid on it for a couple of days and charge you through the nose for it and then say, sorry, you’re not being relevant at all and just disable the keyword and not allow you to bid on it, or charge you through the nose and make you pay $5 a click because they don’t think it’s relevant.

AdWords gets traffic to your website quickly and you do not have to stress about and wait for SEO services to occur. It hopefully helps you test things. If you are testing different destination pages and things like that, it’s a great way to fast track it. It is easy to get traffic today for certain keyword suggestions.

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